Del'd: 26 - 1997 to present

The AS.350BB Squirrel HT.1 is used for basic, single-engine rotary wing training by a RN shadow unit at the Defence Helicopter Flying School (DHFS).

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YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
1997/    Fleet Air Arm (Royal Navy)
705 NAS
RAF Shawbury
RNAS Culdrose
1997/    Ministry of Defence (MoD)
RAF Shawbury
AAC Middle Wallop
RAF Valley

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C/NBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    2951 1996     ZJ255: RAF Squirrel HT1
FB Heliservices G-BXAG: Acquired new from Eurocopter France; to ZJ255 by Apr 19+

Restored to G-BXAG by Feb 2018; Sold to USA by Apr 2018

- N66SB: ex G-BXAG; Apr 2018 Dalks Leasing, Wilmington, DE; Sold+
    2971 1997     ZJ256: RAF Squirrel HT1; 29jul09 pictured at RNAS Culdrose Air Day
Bristow G-BXCE: FBS Ltd / Bristow Helicopters Feb/Aug 1997

- 30: 19jun15 at Prestwick, Scotland

- G-BXCE: Restored to G-BXCE by Nov 2017; Sold to USA by Feb 2018+

- N38RM: ex G-BXCE; Dalks Leasing, Wilmington, DE
    2973 1997     ZJ257: RAF Squirrel HT1
    2975 1997     ZJ258: RAF Squirrel HT.1 w/o 14dec04. ex G-BXEO
    2982 1997     ZJ259: RAF Squirrel HT.1 w/o 10jan07. ex G-BXFJ
    2985 1997     ZJ260: RAF Squirrel HT1; DHFS; 05aug06 pictured in the National He+
Bristow G-BXGB: FBS Ltd/Bristow Jun/Aug 1997 from Eurocopter France, to+

- G-BXGB: restored to G-BXGB Nov 2017. Sold in USA Jan 2018

- N119CA: ex G-BXGB; Dalks Leasing, Wilmington, DE
    2986 1997     ZJ261: RAF Squirrel HT1
Bristow G-BXGJ: FBS Ltd/Bristow Jun/Aug 1997 from Eurocopter France, t+
    2993 1997     ZJ262: RAF Squirrel HT1
    2991 1997     ZJ263: RAF Squirrel HT1
    2992 1997     ZJ264: RAF Squirrel HT1
    2995 1997     ZJ265: RAF Squirrel HT1; 15jul11 pictured at RAF Fairford for RIAT +
    2994 1997     ZJ266: RAF Squirrel HT1 /66
Bristow G-BXIL: Acquired new from Eurocopter France; To ZJ266 by Aug 19+

Ministry of Defence (MoD) ZJ266: Defence Helicopter Flying School (DHFS); 19jul15 pictur+

FB Heliservices G-BXIL: Restored to G-BXIL Nov 2017; Sold to USA by Feb 2018.

- N131TC: ex G-BXIL; Dalks Leasing, Wilmington, DE
    2996 1997     ZJ267: RAF Squirrel HT1
    2997 1997     ZJ268: RAF Squirrel HT1
    2999 1997     ZJ269: RAF Squirrel HT1
FB Heliservices G-BXJN: Acquired new from Eurocopter France; To ZJ269 by Aug 19+

Restored to G-BXJN Nov 2017; Sold to USA by Mar 2018

- N41BM: ex G-BXJN; Dalks Leasing, Wilmington, DE; Sold to New Z+
    3000 1997     ZJ270: RAF Squirrel HT.1; 24+25jul99 DHFS./70 Fairford air show
    3003 1997     ZJ271: RAF Squirrel HT1
    3005 1997     ZJ272: RAF Squirrel HT1
    3006 1997     ZJ273: RAF Squirrel HT1
Ministry of Defence (MoD) ZJ273: Defence Helicopter Flying School (DHFS); 26jun15 pictu+
    3008 1997     ZJ274: RAF Squirrel HT1
    3013 1997     ZJ275: RAF Squirrel HT1; 06jul08 pictured at Kleine Brogel airbase+
Bristow G-BXLB: Acquired new from Eurocopter France. To ZJ275 by Oct 19+

- G-BXLB: Restored to G-BXLB Nov 2017; Sold to USA Jan 2018

- N34JK: ex G-BXLB; Jan 2018 Dalks Leasing, Wilmington, DE
    3014 1997     ZJ276: RAF Squirrel HT1; 29jul09 pictured at RNAS Culdrose Air Day
    3017 1997     ZJ277: RAF Squirrel HT1
    3019 1997     ZJ278: RAF Squirrel HT1
Bristow G-BXMB: Bristow Helicopters from sep97 to oct97 toward ZJ278
    3021 1997     ZJ279: RAF Squirrel HT1
    3022 1997     ZJ280: RAF Squirrel HT1

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