Del'd: 23 - 1965 to 1975

Westland Sioux
united kingdom Royal Marines

Initially with 42 Commando Air Troop in 1965, these Sioux AH.1 were used for observation and rapid support of the Commando units. They were amalgamated into 3 CBAS in Sep 1968 to provide support for the Brigade. They were replaced between 1974 and 1975 by the Gazelle AH.1.

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1968/753 CBASMT Luqa
Coypool closed 1995
SG Sembawang
MT St George's Barracks


CV Modified Centaur class
L Fearless class

List of Aircraft

C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org
wa566/was185 1968 A2631 15Apr76 to G-BDVJ
Royal Air Force XV312: RAF Sioux HT.2 d/d 29jan68, unk to 8430M
Ministry of Defence (MoD) 8430M: MOD Maintenance Serial - Instructional Airframe unk to ...
- G-BDVJ: Variety of owners until 25May84 when reg to Dollar Air ...
- 5B-CGI: Private based at Pafos, Cyprus
wa327 1965 XT168 E ex Salerno Flt (41 CDO) / E, returned to UK by Belfast C.1 from RAF Luqa.
British Army XT168: AAC Sioux AH.1 to D-HICE
- D-HICE: privately owned Karlstadt
wa329 w/o 1988 1965 XT170 P ex Salerno Flt (41 CDO) / P, returned to UK by Belfast C.1 from RAF Luqa.
- XT170: AAC Sioux AH.1 to EC-DLK
- EC-DLK: w/o during 1988
wa335 1965 XT176 RM; Sioux AH.1
British Army XT176: Del Aug 1965. Gurkha Rifles Air Tp by in Borneo.
wa356 1966 XT197 RM Sioux AH.1; With 3CBAS coded Z at Middle Wallop Airshow jul75; 10Oct88 to G-B...
- G-BPDY: Private, Reg Canx 29Oct91
Private, Re-registered 16Jan92, to OY-HCO 20Dec02
- OY-HCO: Private, unk to SE-HIF
- SE-HIF: Private, unk to VH-HFG
- VH-HFG: Private, unk to VH-PBK
- VH-PBK: Private, based at Caboolture, Queensland
wa415 w/o 1973 1966 XT503 Z collided with part of HMS Bulwark on take off, ditched and sank while operating ...
British Army XT503: AAC Sioux AH.1 d/d 02Nov66, w/o 05May73
wa426 w/o 2017 1967 XT514 W ex Salerno Flt (41 CDO) / W, returned to UK by Belfast C.1 from RAF Luqa.
British Army XT514: AAC Sioux AH.1 Unk to Germany D-HAFN
- D-HAFN: Bell/Soloy 47G-3B-1T type 1977 ntu
- D-HAFW: Germany 1979-1981
- D-HAFB: Germany from Dec83
w/o 10may17 10may17 at Gramaialm, Pertisau, Achensee, A...
wa713 1969 XW193 RM, Sioux AH.1, in storage at Wrougthon
British Army XW193: Took part in 666 Sq disbandment flypast on 22 Feb 1978,...
PDG Helicopters G-BHKW: private Jan80-Jan85
Dollar Air Services Ltd Jan85-Mar87
- SX-HCC: Greece from 1987

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