Del'd: 25 - 1952 to 1962

Sikorsky S-55 H-19
united kingdom Fleet Air Arm

Originally part of an order for 50 airframes, the final 25 (which were to become WV226-WV250) for the RAF and the RN were cancelled. The 25 delivered were all new ex-USN airframes supplied under MDAP, 10 became HAR.21s (ex USN HRS-2) and 15 the HAS.22 (ex USN HO4S-1) in Fleet Air Arm service. They began to be replaced by the Whirlwind HAR.1 in summer 1954. The HAR.21 had been withdrawn from front line operations by 1955 and the HAS.22 had mostly left front line service by 1957.

The Dragonfly issued to HMS Glory was lost overboard while on passage to the operational area on 15th December 1952. It was ready to take up planeguard duties astern and when take off was attempted from flyone ahead of the island on the starboard side a wind gust carried it stern first into the bridge. A rotor blade smashed a window and the aircraft was diverted to starboard after the collision. Reports say that it entered the sea inverted or nearly so. Neither crew member survived. This was on of the first built by Westland Aviation in Yeovil, Somerset and was fitted with the Alvis Leonides engine. The rotor was almost certainly wood laminate in this model. Serial number is unknown at this date

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