Eurocopter EC135
finland SHT

2005 to present

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Four EC135s to Finland SHT, 12-Dec-12 : The fast-paced deliveries of four new EC135s to Skärgårdshavets Helikoptertjänst Ab (SHT) during the fourth quarter of 2012 is enabling this Finnish operator of emergency medical airlift services and air ambulance flights to modernize its helicopter fleet.

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0305 ec135t2 2003     OE-XES: Medi Heli Finland Jun/Oct 2005, op by SHT; leased while wait+
Austrian air rescue OE-XES: CFV, test serial D-HECR; 07may07 pictured by D-Kuru at +

Air Ambulance Hungary HA-ECB: Air Ambulance Hungary from Nov07, lsd; 2013 still

Jul14 Miskolc Air Ambulance
0414 ec135p2 2005     OH-HCM: SHT
Copterline OH-HCM: Copterline, test serial D-HECO

Pegasus Aero Group EC-LYA: Empresa Pública de Emergencias Sanitarias (EPES), Co+

- : Sep16-Mar18 for sale Eurocopter EC-135-P2+ 2005; Low t+

Metro Aviation N635DH: Metro Aviation at Shreveport, LA from Jun18

State of New Hampshire N635DH: DHART / University of Vermont Health Center from , op +

State of Vermont N635DH: DHART / University of Vermont Health Center (UVM) from +
0415 ec135p2 2005     OH-HCN: SHT
Copterline OH-HCN: Copterline 2005-2015

Scandinavian AirAmbulance OH-HCN: Scandinavian Air Ambulance, lsd 2011

INAER France F-HSEI: INAER France from Jun15

emergency medical assistance service F-HSEI: SAMU, op by INAER France/Babcock; pictured at Perpigna+
0418 ec135p2 2005     OH-HCO: SHT
Copterline OH-HCO: Copterline 2005-2015

Scandinavian AirAmbulance OH-HCO: Scandinavian MediCopter, lsd 2011

INAER France F-HENG: INAER France from Aug15

emergency medical assistance service F-HENG: SAMU, op by INAER France; pictured at Perpignan
0419 ec135p2 2005     OH-HCP: FinnHEMS FH50
Copterline OH-HCP: Copterline 2005-2015

INAER France F-HOCN: INAER France from Jul15
1076 ec135p2+ 2012     OH-HMF: SHT, test serial D-HECA
0438 ec135p2 2005     OH-HMI: SHT 2005-2013
Eurocopter Germany D-HAAS: Eurocopter Germany May/Jun 2013, conv to P2+

INAER France F-HORG: Nova SN 275 SAS Jun13-Nov15

INAER France from Nov15
1077 ec135p2+ 2012     OH-HMQ: SHT, test serial D-HECB; for FinnHEMS
0641 ec135p2+     OH-HMU: SHT 2008-2019?
Metro Aviation N641EC: Metro Aviation from Jul19

State of North Carolina N641EC: EastCare backup helicopter, op by Metro Aviation
0441 ec135p2 2005     OH-HMV: SHT 2006-2013, SE-JID ntu
Eurocopter Germany D-HAAZ: Eurocopter Germany May/Jun 2013, conv to P2+

INAER France F-HOMG: Nova SN 275 SAS Jun13-Nov15

INAER France from Nov15; Iris Helicopter Leasing 2 Ltd,+

Babcock MCS France from 2016

emergency medical assistance service F-HOMG: SAMU, SMUR Heliporte Region PACA, op by INAER, noted 2+

HELISMUR /SAMU49 pays de la loire ( angers) from Jul19+

pictured (pic1)
1078 ec135p2+ 2012     OH-HMX: SHT, test serial D-HECC
1079 ec135p2+ 2012     OH-HMY: SHT, test serial D-HECD