Eurocopter EC135
turkey Türk Hava Kurumu

Turkish Aeronautical Association

Del'd: 17 - 2013 to present

Türk Hava Kurumu EC135

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Turkey THK Gökçen received 17 and last EC135, 29-Apr-14 : Donauwörth, Germany - Critical-care airlift services from Turkey’s THK Gökçen Aviation are now at their full-up capability following completion of Airbus Helicopters’ delivery of EC135 to this commercial arm of the Turkish Aeronautical Association.

Turkey THK received first 5 medical EC135, 05-Aug-13 : Ankara, Turkey - THK Gökçen Aviation, the commercial company of the Turkish Aeronautical Association THK, yesterday received the first five EC135s to provide medical airlift duties throughout Turkey.

17 EC135s ambulances for Turkey THK, 06-May-13 : Eurocopter’s EC135 will perform medical airlift duties throughout Turkey with a fleet of 17 helicopters to be flown by the Turkish Aeronautical Association’s THK Gökçen Aviation commercial arm, marking the latest major contract win for this twin-engine rotorcraft in the international emergency medical services (EMS) marketplace.

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    0763 ec135p2+ 2009     TC-HFU: Göksar Turkey Aug13
Chilean Gendarmerie C-25: Carabineros d/d Apr09, test serial D-HCBP; probably cra+

- EC-030: Eurocopter Albacete, conv to T2+ type

- TC-HGU: Turkey, to VH-BBU

- VH-BBU: ITC Aero Leasing Inc at Tokyo, Japan from Aug17

Oct17-Apr18, sold Eurocopter EC-135 T2 2009;- SP / DP I+
    0972 ec135t2+     TC-HFV: Göksar Turkey
- EC-034: Eurocopter Albacete Aug13, to TC-HFV
    1102 ec135t2+ 2013     TC-HFY: Göksar Turkey d/d Aug13
- VH-AUN: ITC Aero Leasing Inc at Tokyo, Japan from Aug17

Oct17-Apr18, sold Eurocopter EC-135 P2+ 2013; SP / DP +
    1105 ec135t2+     TC-HFZ: Göksar Turkey d/d Aug13
    1107 ec135p2+ 2013     TC-HGA: Göksar Turkey Aug13
- TC-HGA: Jun/Nov 2017, sold Eurocopter EC-135-P2+ 2013; One Owne+
    1139 ec135p2+ 2013     TC-HGB: THK Gökçen Aviation from Apr14
Eurocopter Germany D-HECA: Eurocopter

Airbus Helicopters Germany D-HECA: Airbus Helicopters to TC-HGB

Turkish Ministry of Health TC-HGB: Turkish Ministry of Health, op by THK; Dec16 landing o+
    0688 ec135p2+ 2008     TC-HJC: THK Gökçen from 2013, air ambulance
Eurocopter Germany D-HCAL: Eurocopter Germany Oct08, test serial D-HECA

Kocoglu Aviation TC-HJC: Koçoğlu Aviation Nov08-2013

Turkish Ministry of Health TC-HJC: Turkish Ministry of Health, op by THK
    0803 ec135t2+ 2009     TC-HJG: THK Gökçen from 2013
Kocoglu Aviation TC-HJG: Kocoglu Aviation May09-2013, test serial D-HCBC

Turkish Ministry of Health TC-HJG: Turkish Ministry of Health, op by Koçoğlu Havacılık+

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