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  • Del'd: 137 - 1993 to present


    US Army Aviation TH-67A Creek

    The Bell 206B wins the 1992 New Training Helicopter (NTH) program to replace the UH-1H hueys at the US Army training school. 137 commercial Bell 206B-3 were purchased from 1993 ( 35 VFR and 102 IFR types )

    Replacement began in 2015 with about 187 UH-72A newly built plus transferred from National Guard units

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    First UH-72A Lakota in Trainer Configuration Delivered, 27-Mar-15 : The US Army received first UH-72A Lakota from production line configured as initial-entry training helicopter. Newest helicopter will join seven Lakotas already modified to training configuration


    YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
    1993/    US Army Aviation School Cairns AAF / Fort Rucker

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