AgustaWestland AW139
malaysia Weststar Aviation

2010 to present


Weststar Aviation AW139

Weststar Aviation Services is the largest operator of AW139 helicopters in Asia starting operations in 2011 and with 13 already delivered by July 2012.

As of February 2014, 18 AW139s provides offshore aviation services in Malaysia ( Kota Bharu, Kerteh and Kota Kinabalu), Mauritania and Thailand.

By July 2014, 34 AW139 were in service or in order. The fleet reaches 50,000 flight hours performing offshore transport missions.

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

31134 2008     PK-WAI: PT Weststar Aviation Indonesia from Oct15
CHC Helicopters Netherlands bv PH-SHQ: LN-OLO ntu; CHC Jun08-Dec13

AgustaWestland Italy I-AWXX: AgustaWestland Italy Jan/Feb 2014

Heliconia F-HKAH: Heliconia Morocco Apr/Oct 2014, lsd via Weststar Aviati+

AgustaWestland Italy I-AWCP: AgustaWestland Italy Oct14-Oct15
31324 2010     9M-WAA: Weststar d/d Nov10, test serial I-EASK; 07jan11 pictured (bo+
31326     9M-WAB: Weststar d/d Nov10
31336 2011     9M-WAD: Weststar d/d Jan11
31340     9M-WAE: Weststar d/d Jan11
31342     9M-WAF: Weststar d/d Feb11
31343     9M-WAG: Weststar d/d Feb11
31344     9M-WAH: Weststar d/d Feb11
31349     9M-WAI: Weststar d/d May11
31352 2011     9M-WAJ: Weststar d/d Jun11; 30June11 crashed shortly after lift off +
31384     9M-WAL: Weststar d/d Jun11
31391     9M-WAM: Weststar Aviation, noted 2013
31419 2012     9M-WAO: Weststar d/d Jul12, ex I-EASW, I-RAIU
AgustaWestland Italy I-RAIU: AgustaWestland, 500th AW139; pictured at Farnborough a+
31441     9M-WAS: Weststar Aviation, VIP blue livery in Thailand, test serial +
United Offshore Aviation HS-UOF: United Offshore Aviation (UOA) Thailand, VIP, lsd Wests+
31461 2013     9M-WAP: Weststar Aviation Jul13-Jun18, test serial I-RAIP
Lease Corporation International EI-GGS: LCI from Jun18
31467     9M-WAQ: Weststar from May13, test serial I-EASH
31543 Weststar May14, test serial I-EASI for Thailand
United Offshore Aviation HS-UOH: United Offshore Aviation (UOA) Thailand, lsd Weststar J+
31550 Weststar May14, test serial I-EASS for Thailand
United Offshore Aviation HS-UOJ: United Offshore Aviation (UOA) Thailand, lsd Weststar J+
31554 Weststar Jun14 for Thailand
United Offshore Aviation HS-UOI: United Offshore Aviation (UOA) Thailand, lsd Weststar J+
41267     9M-WAK: Weststar Jun11-Oct16
AgustaWestland USA N305YS: Agusta Aero Space Corp Apr11

- PK-WAD: Weststar Aviation Indonesia from Oct16
41342 2013     9M-WAR: Weststar Aviation d/d Sep13, their 18th aw139
    I-WNDD: Weststar NDD Srl from Jun19
AgustaWestland USA N326YS: AgustaWestland, PA

United Offshore Aviation HS-UOB: United Offshore Aviation (UOA) Thailand, lsd Weststar
41365     9M-WAV: Weststar from Dec14
AgustaWestland USA N614SM: AgustaWestland, PA May14

- VT-HLH: India by 2018
41383     9M-WAX: Weststar from Mar15
AgustaWestland USA N238MM: AgustaWestland, PA Aug14
41558 2019     ?: Weststar Aviation in Saudi Arabia from Aug19
AgustaWestland USA N114DV: AgustaWestland, PA from Mar19

TVPX N114DV: Tvpx Aircraft Solutions Inc Trustee at North Salt Lake,+

19aug19 pictured starting delivery flight to Weststar S+

Delivery Flight

Delivery flight
24 C/N.

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