canada Canadian Coast Guard

Canadian Coast Guard ships

  List of ships

Type Name Del'd From To
Icebreakers Gulf class 11969--
Icebreakers R class 31978--
Icebreakers Type 1100 class 61986--
Icebreakers Modified R class 11988--


Shipyard YearsShips
CA Marine Industries Limited, 19871
CA Canadian Vickers, Maisonneuve district 19691
CA Halifax Shipyards, 19871
CA Burrard Dry Dock, North Vancouver 1978 - 19885
CA Canadian Shipbuilding + Engineering (PWDD), Port Weller, Lake Ontario 1983 - 19862

CA List of Classes

Derivatives / Succeeded by
1948 AO Canadian Fort class
1953 FF Prestonian class
1955         DD St. Laurent class
1958                 DD Restigouche class
1962                         DD Mackenzie class
1964                                 DD Annapolis class
1992                                         City class
1963                 DD St. Laurent DDH class
1963 AO Provider class
1969         Protecteur class
1965 AO Endeavour class
1969 AO Quest class
1969 AW Gulf class
1972 DD Iroquois class
1991         DDG Iroquois TRUMP class
1978 AW R class
1987         Modified R class
1986 AW Type 1100 class
1996 W Kingston class
2018 AO Resolve class
2020 AW Harry deWolf class


Naval Engine diesel 1969--
Naval Engine electric motors 1969--

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