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    NEWS | Paraclete Aviation Life Support State of Tennessee

    Paraclete Launches Air Ambulance Helmets

    Helmets manufacturer Paraclete Aviation Life Support expanding its product portfolio into the Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) industry with new rotor- and fixed-wing helmets


    Paraclete Launches Air Ambulance Helmets

    Paraclete Aviation Life Support, July 06, 2021 - Clarkesville, TN - Paraclete Aviation Life Support is further expanding into the Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) industry as its customer base continues to request rotor- and fixed-wing helmets.

    Since the company’s inception in 2014, Paraclete Aviation Life Support has strategically focused on building a foundation of air-medical corporate clients, which has grown to 18 representing 49 states.

    The two highest priorities of a HEMS/EMS crew are patient care and safety in the transport environment.

    As a rotor pilot, Scott Hedges, President of Paraclete Aviation Life Support, knows the focus of the HEMS crew needs to be on the patient, without distraction, while maintaining a safe environment. Hedges’ focus is on keeping the crew safe with helmets that are also comfortable.

    “Helmets need to be comfortable, but not at the expense of safety,” said Hedges.

    “Safety isn’t a comfort feature on a helmet; safety is a culture. The helmet is part of the crews’ uniform which has to function properly to the point of comfort. When you’re in that realm, it’s going to be safe. Maintaining safety during the Covid-19 pandemic escalated to a new level, thus increasing the demands on the HEMS industry professionals.”

    About Paraclete Aviation Life Support: Launched in 2014, Paraclete Aviation Life Support conducts extensive research and testing to design Type 1 and 2 helmets with innovative technology and modern composites that deliver protection and comfort.

    Headquartered in Clarksville, TN, Paraclete provides worldwide service to clients in 25 different countries, including Europe, South America and Asia. Paraclete is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer providing design, development, and manufacturer, and offers Aviation Life Support Equipment [ALSE] education and training.

    As a committed member of Helicopter Association International [HAI], Association of Air Medical Services [AAMS], Airborne Public Safety Association [APSA], and National Business Aviation Association [NBAA], Paraclete continually provides associations with data and critical research in the spirit of a safer rotor industry for all.

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