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    Air Disinfection for Aircraft and Helicopters

    German aviation company Spaes designed and manufactured an UVC- air disinfection system for airplanes and helicopters for elimination of SARS-CoV-2 viruses.


    Air Disinfection for Aircraft and Helicopters

    SPAES GmbH & Co. KG, October 26, 2020 - Karlsruhe - Germany - The Corona Pandemic posed a challenge to the aviation industry, as the transmission of viruses and bacteria via the air causes major problems. Passengers are unsettled because the transmission of viruses and bacteria in the air increases the risk of infection.

    Due to this situation, SPAES developed an ultraviolet circulation air disinfection (UV-CAD) with which the air in airplanes and helicopters is cleaned from dangerous viruses and the SARS-CoV-2 pathogen using the proven ultra-violet cleaning technology.

    "The UVC cleaning process has been used for many years in the food industry and in medicine, e.g. hospitals. Due to the successful application in these areas, very good results in air purification have been achieved" says Joachim Kies, head of operations at SPAES.

    The radiation has a germicidal effect and inactivates viruses, which destroys the genetic information for reproduction. Using the UV-CAD cleaning device, up to 99.9% of all common microorganisms can be destroyed. The crew and passengers can remain in the aircraft during the disinfection process without any health concerns.

    The determination of the required number of UV-CAD circulating air sterilizers as well as the positioning and installation of the unit in the aircraft is carried out in coordination with the customer.

    The UV-CAD is offered with an aviation approval (minor change) for the respective aircraft.

    About SPAES: The SPAES GmbH & Co. KG is a fast growing company in the aviation sector. Specialized in technical solutions, the portfolio includes products and services for aviation, but also the development and certification of devices, own products and systems as well as their integration and certification in the aircraft. These are certified according to European Technical Standard specifications (ETSO).

    As an independent EASA Part 21J design organization SPAES offers the execution of Supplemental Type Certificate (STC), Minor Change and Minor Repair for the areas of avionics, cabin, structure, electrical systems and medical equipment.

    In our own EASA Part 21G production organization we manufacture customer specific and own products as well as installation KIT's, which are installed in the aircraft by Part 145 companies.

    As the requirements for design and type test engineers in aviation are constantly increasing, SPAES also provides training in the field of large and small helicopters (CS29/27) and small aircraft (CS23).

    Joachim Schanz, Managing Director SPAES GmbH & Co. KG, founded the company in Mannheim in 2014. In 2019 the headquarters was moved from Mannheim to Karlsruhe.

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