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    NEWS | Bell 412 in Global Helicopter Service GmbH

    GHS Bell 412 Infect for Flymed GmbH

    GHS in partnership with Flymed GmbH for the new INFECT air ambulance service with a Bell 412 equipped with an Ego Zlin BioBag isolation unit in the German-Austrian border


    GHS Bell 412 Infect for Flymed GmbH

    GHS, May 08, 2020 - We are proud to announce the brand new INFECT air ambulance service with our partner Flymed GmbH.

    Within this service, we combine competent and experienced personnel and crews (standard crew: 2 pilots, medical specialist, paramedic), four intensive care ambulances and one Bell 412 intensive care helicopter fitted with AAT Ambulance Kit, equipped with Hamilton T1 ventilation and intensive monitoring, syringe pumps, transport-incubator, systemic medication, and the Ego Zlin BioBag isolation unit.

    Notwithstanding the current global health crisis, we are delighted to communicate this new cross-border (missions to Austria or Italy are possible) accomplishment with an estimated preliminary lead time to activate the service of less than 60 minutes.

    Here’s to a new partnership doing its part to provide a life-saving service for people and communities in Germany and neighboring countries.

    Aircraft mentioned in this article :
    Bell 412SP D-HEPP     ( Flymed GmbH )

    This article is listed in :
    List of Air Medical Ambulance Services
    Bell 412 in Global Helicopter Service GmbH
    Flymed GmbH




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