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Pawan Hans 450,000 Flight Hours With Dauphin

Pawan Hans from India Dauphin fleet consisting of 18 SA365N versions, and 17 in the AS365N3 configuration have accumulated 450,000 airborne hours
  Aero India 2015

  • Pawan Hans from India Dauphin fleet consisting of 18 SA365N versions, and 17 in the AS365N3 configuration have accumulated 450,000 airborne hours
  • India Pawan Hans receives Airbus Helicopters Excellence Award in logging 450,000 flight hours with its Dauphin fleet

Airbus Helicopters, February 19, 2015 - Bengaluru, India, Aero India 2015 - Airbus Helicopters has conferred an Excellence Award on Pawan Hans Limited for this Indian operator’s overall contribution to the success of the worldwide Dauphin rotorcraft fleet.

The honor was bestowed during the Aero India 2015 air show at Bengaluru’s Air Force Station Yelahanka.

As India‘s national helicopter company, Pawan Hans has logged the highest number of flight hours with the twin-engine Dauphin in India – and the second highest in the world.

At the beginning of 2015, approximately 450,000 airborne hours had been accumulated with its inventory of 35 Dauphins – consisting of 18 SA365 N versions, and 17 in the AS365 N3 configuration.

Pawan Hans is one of Airbus Helicopters’ leading clients in India, and operates the country’s largest fleet of Airbus Helicopters civil rotorcraft, which are used for the transportation of personnel to offshore platforms, in shuttle flights between drill barges, for the airlift of state officials and VIPs, along with tourism charter services.

“Pawan Hans is one of most trusted names in Indian aviation today, and its Dauphins serve as the flagship rotorcraft in this operator’s fleet – with a proven track record of reliable operations in offshore and onshore sectors,” explained Xavier Hay, the Managing Director of Airbus Helicopters’ Customer Center in India. “We are committed to continuing the relationship with Pawan Hans, backed by our company’s dedication to safety, reliability and efficiency.”

Sh. BS Bhullar, Chairman and Managing Director of Pawan Hans Limited added, “The Dauphin is perfectly tailored to our needs, having successfully served us for 30 years. The helicopters have proven their ability to perform all types of missions, especially in offshore operations.”

Airbus Helicopters’ Dauphin family has been improved over the years to meet evolving market requirements. The AS365 N3+ is the latest evolved version in the Dauphin family which was certified in 2010, and is a powerful and fast rotorcraft that provides outstanding performance and long-range capabilities. It is fitted with the unique Airbus Helicopters dual digital 4-axis autopilot, and also incorporates the new generation, all-composite Fenestron shrouded tail rotor that provides high maneuverability, exceptional efficiency at all speeds and unparalleled ground safety – with a low noise level making it the quietest in this rotorcraft’s category.

In addition to Pawan Hans’ Dauphin rotorcraft, the company operates two AS350 B3s from Airbus Helicopters’ Ecureuil family.

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