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Interior Design from AMS and AUTOFLUG

German Autoflug and Texas-based AMS Heli Design completed first cooperation agreement for EMS interior designs signed in 2019

Current development projects include light weight air ambulance interiors for AW169 and AW109 Trekker helicopters

Interior Design from AMS and AUTOFLUG
AMS Heli Design, September 02, 2021 - Denison, Texas - The German company AUTOFLUG and American company AMS Heli Design already concluded their first cooperation agreement in spring 2019.

As part of this agreement, the first customer projects have been worked on jointly in recent months.

The cooperation initially focused on the current seats for civil helicopters from the AUTOFLUG FLYWEIGHT® seat family. “The successful cooperation in the past is the basis for the next step for us, with which we will jointly position ourselves even stronger for the international market of helicopter conversions,” explains Martin Kroell, managing partner at AUTOFLUG.

There is certainly a strategic advantage in AMS Heli’s geographical location in the USA, which will facilitate AUTOFLUG’s access to the market in this area.

AMS Heli Design is on course of rapid expansion and is expecting to acquire a growing number of helicopter conversions in the coming years, not least thanks to the innovative FLYWEIGHT® seats being integrated into its interior solutions for medical transport helicopters.

“Our commitment in the past few years, the development and permanent improvement of our innovative solutions are being noticed and recognized in the market,” Andrea Girolin, owner and managing director of AMS in the USA, explains the decision.

“To further secure our growth, we needed a strong partner by our side whom we can trust and with whom we can prepare for the projects ahead and AUTOFLUG is definitely the best partner we could choose” Girolin continued.

“AMS has our same vision on lightweight and best in class products and they are complementary to our business so we are now excited to implement the jointly developed strategies and fully exploit the resulting synergies,” Kroell reported after signing the contract. When asked, both parties assured that they are looking forward to the upcoming challenges and further expanding the cooperation on the already accustomed basis of trust.

About AMS Heli Design, LLC> AMS Heli Design is a premier aviation engineering development and aircraft alteration company, based in North Texas Regional Airport (KGYI). Current development projects include light weight EMS interiors for AW169 and AW109 Trekker further to an modular neonatal composite transport deck that might be installed on several helicopter and fixed wing types and that is currently under EASA and FAA STC certification.

About AUTOFLUG: THINKING SAFETY – AUTOFLUG is true to this motto. A medium-sized family firm now in the third generation, AUTOFLUG has been a leading provider of products and services since the early days of aviation, specially focusing on rescuing people and ensuring their safety. As a globally recognized supplier and service partner of the international aviation industry and for defense technology, the company with approximately 250 employees develops, produces and services a wide range of textile, mechanical and electronic components and systems, among others.

AUTOFLUG, based in Rellingen (Schleswig-Holstein, Germany), has decades of experience and expertise in the areas of rescue and safety, ergonomics, textiles, mechanical systems, precision engineering, electronics, software as well as measurement and control technology.

The AUTOFLUG range of products and services comprises:

- Cabin solutions for helicopters, transport aircraft and land vehicles with a key topic of safety seat systems
- Fuel measuring and control systems as well as auxiliary fuel tank systems for aircraft and land vehicles
- Maintenance and repair of Martin-Baker ejection seats for the German Air Force
- Harnesses and restraint systems for aircraft and land vehicles
- Protective equipment for pilots, such as NBC and anti-G suits
- Personal survival packs (PSPs)
- Rescue parachutes, brake parachutes and recovery parachute systems
- Technical / logistical support: Technical logistics, technical documentation, training solutions, obsolescence management

Interior Design from AMS and AUTOFLUG
Martin Kroell, managing partner AUTOFLUG and Andrea Girolin, owner and managing director AMS Heli Design

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