AVX / L3Harris FARA Helicopter at AUSA 2019

AVX Aircraft and L3Harris featured a mockup of their proposal design for the US Army’s Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft (FARA) at the AUSA 2019 exhibition in Washington, DC

Five companies were pre-selected by the US Army to first phase of the FARA program

AVX / L3Harris FARA Helicopter at AUSA 2019
Helis, October 18, 2019 - AVX Aircraft Company and L3 Technologies showcased the mockup of their innovative compound coaxial helicopter (CCH) design, which is competing for Phase 1 of the U.S. Army Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft (FARA)-Competitive Prototype (CP) program competition.

The two companies first announced their proposal in December 2018.

The CCH next-generation aircraft is a single-engine design, paired with a wing for lift during high-speed forward flight, provides leap-ahead capabilities in a faster, lighter and more lethal aircraft that requires less maintenance through its life cycle, featuring:

- A fly-by-wire, side-by-side cockpit optimized for pilot efficiency

- Two ducted fans that provide forward and reverse thrust for both high-speed operation and agility

- State-of-the-art modern open systems architecture (MOSA)-based digital backbone and avionics systems

- A small form factor that meets C-17 loading and Navy DDG shipboard size limits through manually folding blades and wings

- Modularity that provides for component reuse and a high degree of systems commonality across all of the U.S. Army capability sets

Breaking Defense shared a video of the AUSA exhibition:

AVX / L3Harris FARA Helicopter at AUSA 2019

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