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AW139 Maintenance Training at Aviation Australia

Aviation Australia and HeliTSA launch Part 147 approved maintenance training course for the AW139 helicopter

Aviation Australia and HeliTSA launch Part 147 approved maintenance training course for the AW139 helicopter

Aviation Australia, February 28, 2017 - Part 147 approved AgustaWestland 139 helicopter training course will take place on 05 June, operated by active industry engineers at HeliTSA and in partnership with Aviation Australia.

“The new AW139 course opens up a world of opportunities for aviation corporations across the nation – creating a cost-effective and innovative means to train AW139 engineers,” said Paul Jones, Aviation Australia Business Development Manager.

The AW139 courses were developed to meet the increasing demand for the courses nationally, as use of the AW139 continues to flourish in various aeromedical, offshore and transport roles.

“There are currently 47 AW139 helicopters in Australia, with 17 of them arriving just last year. We see this aircraft type has longevity in the Australian landscape,” said Pep Sayabath, HeliTSA Co-Founder and Avionics Instructor.

“We also wanted to provide the international market with training – as of 2015, there has been almost 900 AW139s ordered, with close to 800 of them registered worldwide.”

The courses are delivered under Aviation Australia’s General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Part 147 Maintenance Training Organisation approvals. The training is inclusive of avionics and mechanical areas of expertise, with B1.3, B2 and E1, E4, E5 exclusion removal courses on offer.

The courses will operate in conjunction with LifeFlight, whose highly experienced AW139 engineers will assist with the practical training. The combination of industry experienced instructors from LifeFlight and HeliTSA ensures that students will receive the latest and most accurate skills and knowledge.

“We have collaborated and worked with people who we believe are at the forefront of the aviation industry,” said Pep Sayabath.

“We approached LifeFlight to assist with practical training, because we knew they had some of the most highly experienced AW139 engineers not only in Australia, but also around the world.”

The AW139 course will be delivered in world-class training facilities at Aviation Australia, as well as LifeFlight’s line maintenance and heavy maintenance facilities. The courses’ hands-on, practical elements will be undertaken in LifeFlight’s fully operational hangar, which involves access to operating AW139 helicopters.

An official launch event will be held at Aviation Australia on 09 March at 5.30pm. Attendees of the launch can find out more about the AW139 courses, as well as information on other industry topics provided by Aviation Australia. Tours of the world-class facilities at Aviation Australia will also be conducted. More details about the event are to follow.

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