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New Accessories for the Bell 429 and Bell 407

Bell Helicopter announced issue of new Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) by the FAA for multiple aftermarket product offerings for the Bell 429 and a portable crane for the Bell 407.

New Accessories for the Bell 429 and Bell 407
Bell Helicopter, February 27, 2015 - Fort Worth, TX – Bell Helicopter a Textron Inc. company, announced today its Aeronautical Accessories™ brand has been issued new Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for multiple aftermarket product offerings for the Bell 429 and a portable crane for the Bell 407.

The Bell 429 expanded offerings include:

- Helicopter Emergency Egress Lighting System (HEELS), which identifies exits and provides general illumination in the passenger cabin to help quickly identify the nearest exit. The HEELS incorporates a smart controller powered by a rechargeable battery pack, multiple emergency event sensing and the latest LED lighting technology.

- Left Hand Pilot Seat Removal kit allows the co-pilot’s seat to be removed once the required weight and balance adjustments have been made, saving approximately 25 pounds.

- The FLIR 380-HD System Installation kit is a multi-sensor, multi-spectral imaging system installed on the nose using the AirFilm nose mount and offers improved control options and features. The camera turret is controlled by a cockpit mounted hand control and includes a laser interlock.

- The Micro QAR is an affordable flight data monitoring solution that works independently of the Bell 429 CV/FDR kit. The Micro QAR interfaces with the aircraft’s flight data bus and records up to 320 hours of flight data.

- The Retractable Hard Point kit supports up to 300 lbs loads on each side of the aircraft, while maintaining the aircraft’s center of gravity (CG) limits. The kit offers a specially designed rope, attached to two telescoping tube assemblies which can be extended in flight or manually retracted to allow the passenger doors to be closed and continue normal operation of the aircraft. The kit also includes a quick release mechanism allowing the crew to release the ropes in the event of an emergency.

- The Tail Rotor Pedal Removal kit modifies the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) tail rotor pedals to allow for a quick and seamless removal and reinstallation from the co-pilot area when occupied by non-pilot personnel. The pedals can be quickly and securely reinstalled as needed.

The Bell 407 portable crane is used for engine and/or transmission replacements completed in the field. The crane is designed to mount to hard points on the aircraft and skid gear for support and stability. Weighing less than 90 pounds, the crane breaks down into four sections for ease of storage and portability. The hoist has been designed for high and low skid gear configurations, has greater than 270 degrees of rotation and is rated for up to 323 pounds.

“We are pleased to expand Aeronautical Accessories product line by having new offerings for the Bell 429 and Bell 407 operators,” said Jennifer Lunceford, manager of Sales for Aeronautical Accessories. “These new offerings are great examples of listening and responding to our customers with solutions that improve mission capabilities and minimize downtime.”

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