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Chinese First TV News Helicopter is a Bell 429

Bell delivered the first helicopter configured for Electronic News Gathering (ENG) in China. The Bell 429 will be operated by China Central Television (CCTV) broadcaster

Chinese First TV News Helicopter is a Bell 429
Bell, July 08, 2020 - Beijing, China - Bell Textron Inc, a Textron Inc (NYSE: TXT) company, recently delivered an Bell 429 to the Chinese national television broadcaster China Central Television (CCTV).

This Bell 429 is the first dedicated ENG configured helicopter in China as well as the first ENG configured Bell 429 to operate in North Asia.

"It's a great milestone for Bell to collaborate with the Chinese TV station like CCTV," said Jacinto Monge, Managing Director of North Asia- Bell. “We appreciate the support we have received from the media community all over the world."

Reignwood, an independent representative (IR) of Bell in China, will incorporate aerial photography systems to the helicopter before it is officially put into services. CCTV authorized Reignwood's subsidiary, Reignwood Star, to operate the new Bell 429.

“The Bell 429 is an extraordinary helicopter designed for multiple missions, and it will help CCTV reach the scene of news first, which means a lot for media,” said Cao Wei, General Manger and Chief Pilot of Reignwood Star. “We believe CCTV made the best choice."

Since the first helicopter was introduced to the television industry in the 1950s, helicopters have been widely used by television broadcasters worldwide. The Bell 429 is a fast, powerful, reliable twin engine helicopter and presents a best-in-class flying experience to its customers. With the largest cabin in its class, the Bell 429 provides spacious room for anchors doing their jobs during the smooth ride. The Bell 429 is operating in 42 countries around the world.

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429 B-70Q8     ( Reignwood )


Hope they’re not gonna be too distracted, as it is a good-looking bird.

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