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Armor Kit For Columbia Boeing 234 Chinooks

LifePort, a Sikorsky company, delivered cabin and cockpit floor armor kits for Columbia Helicopters’ Model 234, the commercial equivalent to the Boeing CH-47 Chinook

Armor Kit For Columbia Boeing 234 Chinooks
Lockheed Martin, February 27, 2018 - LAS VEGAS – LifePort, a Sikorsky company, announced today the delivery of cabin and cockpit floor armor for Columbia Helicopters’ model 234 aircraft (commercial equivalent to the Boeing CH-47).

The armor is designed to protect crew members operating in hazardous environments.

Through years of experience and customer collaboration, LifePort has incorporated an existing lightweight armor solution and delivered it on an aggressive schedule. The armor panels are encapsulated with LifePort’s LifeGard protective coating, providing enhanced durability to support cargo transport in the Columbia 234.

“Columbia Helicopters has a well-established business relationship with LifePort and has most recently taken delivery of a second set of LifePort Ballistic Protection Systems for our Columbia Model 234. As flight operations expand, we will continue to collaborate on additional systems for aircraft and spares. LifePort has been one of Columbia Helicopter’s highest performing suppliers with respect to turn time, quality, product performance, and has proven to be a valuable business partner in providing effective ballistic protection solutions with world class customer support,” said Christopher Hankland, Columbia Helicopters director of global supply chain.

“LifePort has developed a very special partnership with Columbia Helicopters, and this delivery is a great continuation of it,” said Noah Zuckerman, LifePort general manager. “This customer operates in a very demanding environment, and LifePort is honored to protect their crew as they do so. Our Ballistic Protection System has demonstrated stopping performance in the field, and is designed to facilitate both personnel and cargo transfer missions.”

About Columbia Helicopters: Columbia Helicopters is the global leader in heavy-lift helicopter operations and trusted expert in maintenance, repair and overhaul services. The company owns, operates and maintains a fleet of Columbia Model 234 Chinook, Columbia Model 107-II Vertol, and Columbia Model CH-47D helicopters. These aircraft are operated around the world, supporting construction, logging, firefighting, petroleum exploration and military operations.

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