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    NEWS | Christoph Weser DRF Luftrettung     German air rescue

    DRF Bremen Station 25th Anniversary

    Air Ambulance station Christoph Weser at Bremen Airport celebrating 25 years being operated by the DRF Luftrettung


    DRF Bremen Station 25th Anniversary

    DRF Luftrettung, September 13, 2021 - For exactly 25 years, Bremen and the region around the Hanseatic city has been the area of ​​operation for the red and white rescue helicopter of the DRF Luftrettung: As an intensive care transport helicopter and in emergency rescue, Christoph Weser makes an important contribution to the emergency medical care of people in Bremen and the surrounding area. This also includes the East Frisian Islands.

    “As soon as the holidaymakers arrive, we will be on duty on the islands,” says station manager and pilot Ingo Reckermann, who has been flying in Bremen since 2015.

    Since the Bremen crews also relocate to other federal states, it was a rather unusual assignment this year. After Christoph Weser's team had delivered a patient to a specialist clinic in Upper Franconia, the crew learned over the radio that there had been an accident nearby at a popular excursion site.

    As Christoph Weser reported to the responsible control center that he was available, the crew was called for help. A hiker fell off a rock and needed immediate medical attention. "With the help of a turntable ladder from the fire brigade, the man was rescued from the crevice and we then took him to the hospital in Bayreuth",

    25 years should actually be celebrated properly, Corona does not allow that again this year. "We are confident that we will be able to catch up on the celebration in the coming year," explains station manager Ingo Reckermann and adds: "The modernization of DRF Luftrettung is progressing continuously and it may well be that in addition to our anniversary in 2022, we will have another reason to Will have celebrations. We will inform the public about this soon enough. "

    The DRF Luftrettung station in Bremen is in the vicinity of another air rescue station. Both helicopters are requested from the same control center. Due to his excellent medical equipment, Christoph Weser is preferred for intensive care transports.

    To ensure that the mobile medical technology does not run out of power on board, a 230V inverter is used on board by Christoph Weser. Thanks to this voltage converter, a constant power supply is guaranteed, which serves patient safety: In addition to 12-volt connections, a redundant power supply is available during the flight, which prevents failure of these vital devices due to insufficient battery capacity. If necessary, Christoph Weser is also available for emergencies.

    Before the corona pandemic, increasing passenger numbers at Bremen Airport also ensured that Christoph Weser's crew were alerted more frequently about emergencies on the airport premises. For this reason, DRF Luftrettung also made a first aid defibrillator available to City Airport Bremen in 2010, with which visitors and travelers as lay helpers can quickly and easily provide first aid to people with cardiac arrest.

    Between 1984 and 1996, different operators in Bremen were responsible for air rescue: different helicopter types, such as the AS 350, Bell Jet Ranger, BO 105 and the S-76 were used. After the station was taken over by the DRF Luftrettung in 1996, the helicopter was initially requested almost exclusively for intensive care transports. Shortly after the Central Coordination Office of the State of Lower Saxony began its work in 1998, the DRF Luftrettung was asked to also carry out emergency operations.

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    List of Air Medical Ambulance Services
    Christoph Weser DRF Luftrettung     German air rescue


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