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AC67 Flex Medical Interior for H135

Bucher AC67 flex emergency rescue interior design for the Airbus H135 helicopter is now certified by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)

AC67 Flex Medical Interior for H135
Bucher, January 12, 2021 - The Bucher Group, the specialist for Emergency Medical Systems, has announced its new rescue equipment H135 AC67 flex is now EASA certified on all variants of the H135 helicopter.

The further development of the AC67 equipment, which has been successfully in use for many years, has now been implemented by Bucher engineers resulting in the new AC67 flex. Up until recently, only dedicated HEMS operators have been able to benefit from the high quality Bucher HEMS kits.

Now, customers such as police, transport companies or military operators will have the opportunity to convert their H135 helicopter into a fully functional rescue helicopter within about 30 minutes by using the AC67 flex-kit. Mission profiles are now available for almost every HEMS application, from primary, secondary to disaster missions with dual stretcher.

The short installation time of about 30 minutes was made possible by the proven quick release system from Bucher Leichtbau. The HEMS-kit can be installed and removed quickly and safely without tools and with just a few hand movements. This means that the helicopter is always available for further use.

Beat Burlet, CEO of the Bucher Group, comments on this certification: “More and more helicopter operators want to be able to use their helicopters around the clock. With our equipment, we address exactly this need and make it possible to equip the helicopter for HEMS operations within minutes through the fast and flexible installation and removal system. We are very pleased, that we have already have won customers for this new product. With the successful approval of our AC67 flex equipment, we are now able to deliver the first kits this year.”

About the Bucher Group: Flying with a minimum of weight and maximum reliability. This was the idea that shaped Heinrich Bucher's thinking when he founded the company in 1953. Today, we continue to apply his vision with our unique lightweight construction principle. And thanks to our years of experience working with aluminum and plastics, we are able to offer a diverse range of products, in which you can sense and feel what drives our company – an innovative spirit and an unwavering commitment to meeting specific customer requirements.

Our goal is to develop more efficient solutions that achieve cost advantages for the customer. We do this at our sites in Fällanden (Switzerland), Everett (USA) and in Sinn-Fleisbach (Germany).

Our range of products is divided into four different application areas:
- Catering: Galleys for single aisle and long range aircraft
- Cabin: Stowage units, front row monuments, crew work stations, partition walls and doghouses, Seat components / furnishing (video systems, tables, consoles etc.)
- Medical Systems: Cabin interior solutions for air rescue and air ambulance aircraft. Stretcher systems for passenger aircraft
- VIP Interior: Interior solutions for VIP aircraft and vehicles (folding tables, on-board lockers etc.)

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