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VNH Training Center Received Third Cabri G2

VNH Training Center receive the third Cabri G2 Helicopter

VNH, January 19, 2017 - An anniversary of 5-year establishment of VNH Training Center (VNHT), dated 6 January 2017, was marked with the great successful acceptance, assembly and flight testing of its 3rd Cabri G2.

Cabri G2, manufactured by Guimbal, France based on European standards, is a light piston-engine helicopter specialized for pilot training.

Cabri G2, equipped with modernized cockpit with multi-function glass monitor, has strengths in ensuring flight safety, noise reduction, flexibility (especially the autorotation capability), operating at high speed and altitude as well as good power and fuel saving.

According to many helicopter operators worldwide, this is one of the best helicopter for pilot training, commonly used in United States, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Sweden…

By using Cabri G2 for training mission, operating cost is (30%) lower than other types of helicopters used for training nowaday.

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