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12 new CH-47F to Camp Humphreys, South Korea

One of the 12 newest CH-47F Chinook at the activation ceremony on Camp Humphreys, South Korea, May 14.

One of the 12 newest CH-47F Chinook at the activation ceremony on Camp Humphreys, South Korea, May 14.

US Army, May 16, 2014 - CAMP HUMPHREYS, South Korea by Staff Sgt Reshema Sherlock - As part of an upgrade from the CH47-D, and the completion of unit training and activation of all 12 aircrafts, 3rd Battalion, 2nd Aviation Regiment General Support Aviation Battalion, 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division, unveiled its newest Chinook, the CH-47F at an activation ceremony at Camp Humphreys in Pyeongtaek, South Korea, May 13.

“Everything about these machines are designed to get our combat forces to their targets in the manner, or the time they want to get there,” said Lt. Col. Reese Hauenstein, product manager for the CH-47F Improved Cargo Helicopter.

The CH-47F helicopters which will be a part of B Company, 3rd Battation, 2nd Aviation Regiment. GSAB include alterations to the airframes structure to reduce the effects of vibration, corrosion protection, digital-source collectors, a more powerful engine, an extended- range fuel system, a modern-missile warning and infrared suppression systems. They are also compatible with joint digital connectivity requirements.

“The CH-47F is a glass cockpit aircraft which is completely modernized, and the newest Chinook in the conventional Army inventory,” said Capt. Noah McQueen, Company B commander. “We can actually program the aircraft to fly itself due to the greatly improved situational awareness and the moving maps on the inside.”

The Chinooks are designed to transport artillery, troops, ammunition, fuel and supplies within military theaters of operation. In addition to transporting Soldiers and supplies, the CH-47F provides lifesaving combat support and sustainment functions of casualty evacuations, aircraft recovery, disaster relief, and search and rescue.

“Flying around Korea there’s a lot of very specific procedures to follow, a lot of checkpoints as well as restricted areas we can’t fly in,” said McQueen. “Having those moving maps on there will keep the pilots a lot safer, and make it easier to follow the procedures and rules.”

This is the first time the CH-47F has been in Korea. The production of the helicopter began in 2006 and was first taken to combat in 2008 to Iraq.

The CH-47F Chinook helicopter will play a vital role throughout the Republic of Korea by increasing combat power and air assault capabilities.

“It’s a special honor for us to be here today,” said Mark Ballew, director, Business Development Cargo Helicopter Programs, and Boeing Military Aircraft. “We greatly appreciate what you do, the difference you’re making, and the sacrifices your families are making.”

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