CHC Helikopter Service recognizes its Norwegian heritage

CHC, October 26, 2010 - CHC Helicopter, the world’s leading offshore helicopter services provider, announced today that its Norwegian business operations will be renamed CHC Helikopter Service.

“By using the name ‘CHC Helikopter Service’ we are recognizing the long tradition and proud history of a company that has been serving the Norwegian oil and gas industry for almost 60 years,” said Tilmann Gabriel, chairman of CHC Norway and president of CHC Helicopter’s European Operations.
Following the acquisition of Norwegian Helikopter Service in 1999, the company has become a fully integrated part of the world’s leading helicopter service provider, including maintenance, repair and overhaul services which are provided under the Heli-One brand, a sister company of CHC.

“’Helikopter Service’ is still a well established name among Norwegian stakeholders and a source of great pride for many of our employees,” said Mr. Gabriel. “We feel it’s important to recognize our Norwegian heritage and the contribution CHC Helikopter Service makes to our global success.”

CHC Helikopter Service has been operating in Norway since 1956. The company has 30 helicopters used primarily for transportation to offshore installations, plus other specially equipped helicopters for search and rescue missions. The CHC Helikopter Service headquarters is located in Stavanger, with bases in Bergen, Florø, Kristiandsund, Brønnøysund and helicopters based on offshore installations at Ekofisk/Valhall, Oseberg, Statfjord and Heidrun. CHC Helikopter Service also indirectly supports operations of more than 220 other CHC aircraft across Europe and five other continents.

“Over the past decade the integration of the best elements of CHC and Helikopter Service has allowed us to build a true leader in the Norwegian and international markets,” said Dag Falk-Petersen, managing director of CHC Helikopter Service. “Our global operations, safety systems and financial strength have had a fundamental impact on helicopter operations worldwide.”

CHC Helikopter Service employs approximately 500 people and has annual sales in excess of two billion NOK.

“We have always been a Norwegian company and we continue to contribute heavily to the economic strength of this region. I am proud to recognize that heritage in our new name,” said Mr. Petersen.

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