NEWS | AH-1Z Viper in CZ Vzdušné síly AČR

Czech AH-1Z Viper First Flight

The first of four Bell AH-1Z gunship helicopters for the Czech Republic completed first flight at Bell’s plant in Amarillo Texas

Czech AH-1Z Viper First Flight
Bell, May 14, 2023 - The first Czech Republic AH-1Z completes first flight operations at the Bell Amarillo Assembly Center.

In 2019, the Czech Republic selected Bell to modernize the country's armed forces and strengthen homeland defense with a mixed-fleet of four AH-1Z Vipers and eight UH-1Y Venoms.

In February 2022, Bell has started production of the first helicopter

Aircraft mentioned in this article :
AH-1Z Viper 0486     ( Vzdušné síly AČR )

Location : US Amarillo

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AH-1Z Viper in CZ Vzdušné síly AČR

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