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    NEWS | DRF Luftrettung     German air rescue

    20,330 Missions in First Half 2018 for German Air Rescue

    In the first half of 2018, the German Air Rescue, DRF Luftrettung, completed 20,330 missions, a 3.8% more than 2017. Operates 31 HEMS bases in Germany and Austria


    20,330 Missions in First Half 2018 for German Air Rescue

    DRF Luftrettung, September 04, 2018 - In the first half of 2018, DRF Luftrettung (German Air Rescue) was called out 20,330 times (first half of 2017: 19,558 times).

    DRF Luftrettung operates 31 HEMS bases in Germany and Austria.

    The crews of the modern helicopters are on stand-by daily to react to rapid emergency rescue operations and urgent transportation needs of intensive care patients between clinics as necessary.

    At nine HEMS bases in Germany this service is provided on a 24/7 basis. In addition, ambulance aircraft based at Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden International Airport are also available 24/7 for dispatch for repatriation of patients on a global scale.

    These ambulance jet aircraft of German Air Rescue were alerted for 147 missions and dispatched to 42 countries in the first half of 2018.

    In Germany the helicopters of DRF Luftrettung were frequently called to traffic and other accidents, but also to help with other acute cases requiring urgent medical attention such as Heart attacks and strokes. Survival often hinges on a high standard of emergency care being provided as quickly as possible.

    "We set ourselves the highest standards in all areas – not only with regard to aviation technology, but also with regard to our medical equipment and especially the qualification of our crews," says Dr. Peter Huber, Chairman of DRF Luftrettung.

    In recent weeks DRF Luftrettung has begun equipping the first rescue helicopters with mechanical resuscitation devices. These devices are used to continuously maintain the circulation of a patient’s blood with cardiac pressure massage until the helicopter arrives at the clinic. Suitable clinical centers are often located at some distance. Therefore, where time is of the essence, a helicopter is in many cases the only option for a patient transport.

    Prompt help, even at night

    DRF Luftrettung takes on a pioneering role in night-time air rescue. Whether by day or by night – our patients need to be treated quickly by emergency physicians no matter what time of day; and they must be transported to the clinic or hospital that is best suited for their needs. The pilots of DRF Luftrettung have extensive night and instrument flying experience. In addition, the organization was the first HEMS operator in Germany to use night vision goggles (NVGs).

    Emergency rescue in Austria

    The Austrian HEMS bases of ARA Flugrettung, which also belongs to DRF Luftrettung, are faced with special challenges. The helicopters stationed in Tyrol and Carinthia are equipped with a winch to provide rapid assistance for emergencies in the high altitude areas of the Alps.

    Repatriation for medical care in the home country

    DRF Luftrettung also provides quick and safe transportation for people who suffer an accident or a serious illness while abroad so that they can be treated in their home country. Two ambulance aircraft (Learjet 35) of German Air Rescue manned with experienced crews are essentially flying ICUs. Worldwide patient transportation and rescue is coordinated and dispatched 24/7, 365 days a year by an own Alert Center at the Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden International Airport.

    Highest standards in aviation

    What makes DRF Luftrettung a key contributor to safety, quality and innovation in air rescue is its own Operation-Center in Karlsruhe, Germany. Approximately 130 dedicated engineers ensure the airworthiness of the helicopter and ambulance jet aircraft fleets 365 days a year. The Sales Department of DRF Luftrettung offers a complete range of services to private or commercial customers as well as to other aviation operators. National and international customers benefit not only from the extensive expertise of DRF Luftrettung in air rescue and technical services, but also from an array of flight operation training courses.

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