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Third Bell 429 Air Ambulance for Kuwait

Kuwait International Aircraft Leasing (KIAL) purchases a third Bell 429 air ambulance helicopter for Kuwait’s Ministry of Health. To be delivered in 2022

Third Bell 429 Air Ambulance for Kuwait
Bell, November 17, 2021 - Dubai, U.A.E - Bell Textron Inc., a Textron Inc. company, announced the sale of a Bell 429 helicopter in Kuwait to Kuwait International Aircraft Leasing (KIAL) to be used by the Ministry of Health (MOH) for Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS).

This marks the third 429 HEMS sale in the country. The aircraft is expected to be delivered in August 2022.

KIAL and Bell representatives gathered at the Dubai Air Show to celebrate this purchase.

“We’re delighted to add to our fleet of 429s, since we are very familiar with the aircraft’s excellent performance in our hot environment and its ability to quickly move patients from emergency scenes to our medical facilities. We look forward to the delivery of the third helicopter, which will allow us to expand our operations within the country,” said Capt. Jassem Buqamber, Kuwait’s Air Ambulance Commander.

The Bell 429 has been one of the most successful light twin helicopters on the market since its certification in 2009, with almost 400 aircraft operating globally. It is known for its exceptional speed, performance, range and low lifecycle cost. The aircraft’s readiness makes it ideal for a variety of uses such as emergency missions, law enforcement, parapublic, oil and gas, and corporate transport.

“We are honored that the State of Kuwait has again selected the Bell 429 as their light twin helicopter of choice for their latest HEMS contract,” said Sameer Rehman, managing director, Middle East and Africa. “Its remarkable flight performance, coupled with its multi-mission pedigree, make it perfectly suited to the Ministry of Health’s aim of providing advanced emergency life support to all areas of Kuwait.”

The Bell 429’s speed and agility make it ideal for emergency travel, in addition to search and rescue missions, with ample storage and space for six people, plus customization options. It is operated by many governments for HEMS, search and rescue, and law enforcement missions all around the world.

Third Bell 429 Air Ambulance for Kuwait
Kuwait’s Ministry of Health Bell 429 air ambulance helicopter

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