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    NEWS | Dynali H3

    New Engine for Dynali H3 Easyflyer

    Belgian manufacturer Dynali announced a new higher powered Motec engine for their H3 EasyFlyer ultra-light helicopter


    New Engine for Dynali H3 Easyflyer

    Dynali, December 06, 2018 - The Dynali Helicopter Company, whose H3 Easyflyer is becoming increasingly popular in countries where ultralight helicopters are authorised, has introduced a new higher powered engine configuration with the latest model ECU from Motec, specially configured for helicopters by a team from MoTeC and Dynali.

    The H3 prototype first flew in 2012 and to date Dynali has delivered 81 of these machines, from the USA to China and New Zealand. The company recently extended their manufacturing facilities in Belgium to enable production to be increased to 4 or 5 units per month.

    Building on the their experience in designing the injection system on the 110 HP H3, Dynali is now offering more powerful version which makes full use of the multi-function capacity of the latest MoTeC M150 ECU.

    The new ECU, as adapted by Dynali, offers a wide range of features including electronically controlled clutch, integrated governor, ignition and idle management and full sequential ignition for optimal precision and fuel economy. The mapping of the ECU has been designed, by Dynali and MoTeC specialists exclusively for use in helicopters. It provides for visual and audio alarms, integrated GPS and an optimised power curve.

    Features include a dual fully redundant 250 and 500W electrical circuit and sensors and a PDM to ensure protection of components in fail-safe mode.

    To coincide with this, Dynali annouces the launch of their new version of the Rotax 912 engine block with enlarged cylinders which delivers 125 HP. While the 110 HP of the current model is more than adequate for flight conditions within the MTOW of 500 kg, a little extra power can always come in useful and it makes the new model an exceptionally forgiving machine.

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