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  • NEWS | 212 Eagle Single in Eagle Copters

    Eagle Single Certification by Japan

    Eagle Single helicopter, a Bell 212 with Honeywell T53 engine, granted certification by Japan Civil Aviation Bureau (JCAB) joining Canada, USA, Australia, Chile, Peru and Indonesia


    Eagle Single Certification by Japan

    Eagle Copters, December 17, 2022 - CALGARY, CANADA - The Flying Orca Eagle Single is now certified to operate in Japan.

    Eagle Copters Ltd., K-R Aircraft Inc., and Akagi Helicopters Co. Ltd. have successfully worked together to complete the certification of the Eagle Single in Japan.

    The Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) to convert a Bell 212 helicopter to an Eagle Single is now certified by the Japan Civil Aviation Bureau (JCAB).

    Eagle Copters Ltd. collaborated with K-R Aircraft Inc. and Akagi Helicopters Co. Ltd. to make this certification possible. Eagle Copters is very thankful to work with these like-minded partners to bring this unique aircraft to Japanese skies where it will be equipped to perform multi-faceted missions.

    The Eagle Single is the workhorse in the Bell Medium Helicopter Market and is designed to be the helicopter of choice amongst Bell Medium Helicopter operators.

    The Eagle Single, by virtue of a 9-passenger Supplemental Type Certificate approval process, converts the respected Bell 212 Helicopter from a twin engine to a single engine providing overall more capability with lower operating costs. This all-commercial helicopter ensures lasting value, product support, part commonality, aftermarket accessory availability, and unmatched performance.

    The Eagle Single is currently certified in Canada, USA, Australia, Chile, Peru, Indonesia, and now Japan.

    A by-product conversion

    As a by-product of the conversion, the Eagle Single has a resulting loss of weight from removing one engine, the original heavy avionics and associated wiring, producing a medium helicopter in the 5,900 lb empty weight range.

    While maintaining the Type Certificate of the Bell 212, owners and operators alike enjoy the inherent benefits of the Bell 212, such as the 11,200 lb gross weight limitation, common Bell 212-part numbers, dual hydraulics, enhanced 212 airframe structure and the availability of the aftermarket accessories commonly found on today’s working machines.

    While performance of the helicopter alone has set a new standard, there are additional benefits from the program. Traditional cost of operation is reduced, allowing for more operating profits. Reliability is enhanced by incorporating modern-day avionics and upgrades to the instrument panel, fuel panel and collective head design.

    Ozark Aeroworks, an Eagle Copters partner, recently purchased the T53 Engine Series Type Certificate from Honeywell Aerospace. This ensures Eagle Copters, through Ozark Aeroworks, is well positioned to produce and service the T53 Engine used in the Eagle Single thus reducing overall operating costs.

    The Eagle Single is designed to be the workhorse of the Bell Medium Helicopter market specializing in a variety of different mission applications. Eagle’s team of experts will work with customers to customize and configure the Eagle Single to meet specific mission requirements, making it one of the most versatile helicopters.

    Eagle Copters Ltd. is looking forward to bringing the Eagle Single to more markets with its extensive mission capabilities and highly competitive capital and operating costs.

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