EagleMed Reaches FAA SMS Level 3

EagleMed, July 07, 2014 - Wichita, Kan. – EagleMed LLC has entered Level 3 of the Federal Aviation Administration’s voluntary Safety Management System (SMS), reflecting the company’s unwavering commitment to safety.

The critical care air medical transport company initiated its participation in the government-designed safety program several years ago. In adopting SMS as a higher standard for safety in the air medical transportation industry, EagleMed is able to improve the wellbeing of patients, crewmembers and the organization as a whole.

“This achievement is yet another milestone in our continuous quest for quality and safety improvement and it represents our enduring commitment to our employees and the patients we serve,” said EagleMed President Larry Bugg.

"Safety is our core value and the fundamental underpinning for everything we do. Therefore, we are committed to every practice and principle of SMS and are determined to achieve SMS Level 4 status, which represents the pinnacle of aviation safety."

Further reinforcing the company's commitment to safety, it has engaged Baldwin Safety & Compliance as an added resource to bolster EagleMed's dynamic SMS. Baldwin Safety & Compliance, headquartered in South Carolina, is a recognized leader in customized safety management and business solutions.

Designed and enacted by the FAA in 2010, the SMS program provides a hierarchical framework to systematically guide, assess, and recognize the efficacy of augmented safety practices put into effect by commercial air operators. The system allows companies willing to work with the FAA the opportunity to help shape the safety policies they operate under, which can be tailored to a company’s specific needs.

EagleMed’s implementation of the FAA’s SMS at Level 3 is a fully functioning proactive process that applies a rigid framework to the initial design of systems, processes, organizations and products, and to the development of operational procedures and planned changes to operational processes.

The activities involved in the SMS process comprise careful analysis of systems and tasks involved, identification of potential hazards in these functions and the development of risk controls. The risk management process previously developed at Level 2 is used to analyze, document and track these activities.

At this level, EagleMed has implemented these proactive processes.

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