Indra EC225 simulators for Malaysia and Brazil

The company has already deliver training systems for this aircraft in Scotland and China

Indra, February 20, 2013 - Indra will supply two new EC225 transport helicopter simulators to Eurocopter. The systems will be implemented in the training centres of the aircraft manufacturer in Malaysia and Brazil.

These two new orders were closed following the delivery by Indra of the first EC225 helicopter simulator in 2011, which is currently operating at Eurocopter's pilot training centre in Aberdeen (Scotland). Recently, the company has also deliver a second EC225 simulator at the Airbus training centre in Beijing. This system was the first full flight simulator (FFS) of a rotating wing aircraft in China.

The data bases of the EC225 training systems that Indra will implement in Malaysia and Brazil will include real scenarios with the coastlines and airfields of each one of these countries. This will guarantee the maximum degree of realism when training pilots.

Simulators provide daytime and night-time training exercises under different weather conditions. They can also reproduce aircraft vibrations during real flight conditions, something which is very important to the pilot, so that he/she can learn how the aircraft behaves during flight.

With this contract, Indra strengthens its relationship as Eurocopter's technological partner. Eurocopter is one of the leading helicopter manufacturers in the world. Indra has already delivered the EC135 and EC145 simulators to Eurocopter, which are currently operating in Donauworth (Germany), Dallas (USA) and Warsaw (Poland). It has also delivered AS350 simulators for the pilot training centre at Dallas, in addition to the EC225 simulators installed in Aberdeen and Beijing described above.

Likewise, the multinational technology company strengthens its position in the civil simulation market in Latin America and Asia, two regions that are growing at a steady pace.

About Indra: Indra is one of the leading multinationals in Consulting and Technology in Europe and Latin America. Innovation is the basis of Indra's business and sustainability, with €550 million invested in R&D&i in the last three years. This figure sets Indra among the top European companies in the sector by investment. Indra’s turnover is around €3,000 million, and 55% of its revenue comes from international markets and employs 42,000 professionals.

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