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Brazilian EC725 achieves 1,000 flight hours

  • The Brazilian Air Force achieves 1,000 flight hours with one EC725
  • The Brazilian Air Force achieves 1,000 flight hours with one EC725

Airbus Helicopters, January 29, 2014 - The Brazilian Air Force has reason to celebrate. Last week its team of EC725 pilots logged their 1,000th flight hour with one aircraft (H-36 FAB 8510) while performing EMS, firefighting and Search and Rescue missions in the region.

This mighty helicopter, operated by the Aviation Group Falçao, enables the team to protect and save lives by completing complex missions in tough environments with speed and efficiency, such as rescuing a man bitten by a cobra in just 90 minutes, says Major Mario Jorge Oliveira Siqueira.

“The EC725 flew 240 kilometers to Natajy to save this man’s life. Thanks to the helicopter’s speed and capacity, we arrived in time, despite the difficult flying conditions.”

In September 2013, the team achieved the impressive milestone of having the aircraft ready for takeoff just 10 minutes after an alert came in.

“This aircraft helps us perform our missions in the best possible way. Not long ago, these types of operations would have been much more complicated and time consuming, but today we carry them out efficiently thanks to our EC725,” added Captain Eduardo de Araújo Silva.

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Eurocopter EC725 Caracal 8510     ( Força Aérea Brasileira )

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Eurocopter EC725 Caracal in BR Força Aérea Brasileira



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