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Dutch Helicentre Merges with Norwegian European Helicopter Center

The flying schools European Helicopter Center in Norway and Helicentre in the Netherlands, have formed a new company under the name European Heli Center which has two separate divisions: one in Torp, Norway, and one in Lelystad, the Netherlands

Dutch Helicentre Merges with Norwegian European Helicopter Center
European Heli Center, June 11, 2024 - After a long-standing collaboration, two of Europe’s largest helicopter pilot academies have decided to merge.

European Helicopter Center in Norway has trained more than 800 pilots over the last 30 years. With its strong brand and outstanding safety record, EHC is the preferred training partner for many significant commercial players in Europe.

Helicentre in the Netherlands features 15 years of experience, a large training division, strong connections in both the civilian and military market, alongside a significant operational and commercial department.

Anette Kruhaug Haldorsen, CEO of European Helicopter Center in Norway said “By pooling the strengths of the two companies, we can now present a larger combined helicopter fleet, even more specialized instructors, and a robust organization to provide our students and customers with the assurance that their training partner will remain relevant, professionally updated, and of course, a sustainable and safe choice”

The new company will operate under the name European Heli Center. The academy will still operate with two separate divisions—one in Norway (Torp) and one in the Netherlands (Lelystad).

The majority of ownership in European Heli Center will be based in the Netherlands. Both departments will retain their separate ATO licenses, as well as the AOC license in the Netherlands, to continue serving both the commercial and private markets.

European Heli Center in numbers:

- More than 45 years of training experience
- Providing over 8 000 hours of training every year
- A combined fleet of 21 helicopters and two simulators:

4 x Guimbal Cabri G2
8 x Robinson R44 (I/II)
1 x Robinson R66 Turbine
3 x Airbus H120/ EC 120
1 x Airbus AS 350 B3 o 1 x Airbus H130 T2
2 x Airbus H 135 P3H/T3H
1 x Airbus 135 T2+

- FTD level 3 EC135 and FNPT II AS355F

Dutch Helicentre Merges with Norwegian European Helicopter Center
From the left: Peter Blom (accountable manager Norway), Jeroen Peddemors (accountable manager Netherlands), Anette Kruhaug Haldorsen (CEO Norway), Floris Van Dort (financial director Netherlands

Location : NO Torp

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