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    NEWS | Bell 412 in Global Helicopter Service GmbH

    GHS Forest Fire Training in the Alps

    German GHS Bell 412 helicopter completed forest fire training in the Chiemgau Alps and Traunstein in Upper Bavaria to be prepared for any emergency


    GHS Forest Fire Training in the Alps

    GHS, September 24, 2020 - by Michael Goldfuss - On 13.08.2020, about 70 emergency response teams of the local fire brigade and alpine rescue service including GHS flight and ground crew conducted this successful training in Ruhpolding/Chiemgau Alps.

    Within this exercise a forest fire has been assumed across the Chiemgau Arena in Ruhpolding/Bavaria, to be stemmed from the ground as well as by air. It has been a main target to train the collaboration between the teams of the fire brigades and the helicopter flight and ground crews.

    New techniques could be shared as well has valuable experience with the interaction of helicopter and further organizations involved.

    On 12.09.2020, a larger combined disaster response exercise has been carried out at the military training area in Kammer where GHS again supported the Fire Brigades with one of its Bell 412 helicopters as part of the exercise to simulate and train different scenarios.

    Both training scenarios did include several flights familiarizing ground personnel and helicopter crew by transporting loads up in the valley and dropping them in impassable terrain uphill as well as water rejection with the Bambi Bucket.

    On the second occasion, the Bambi Bucket has as well been used to refill a water basin and 30 firefighters were deployed. With this, we could additionally demonstrate, that with the Bell 412 larger numbers of firefighters can be redeployed to inaccessible areas in the shortest time in order to get them to the places where they are needed most.

    These exercises as well gave GHS good opportunities to test their intern procedures and equipment. Lessons learned will be implemented and our setup proved to be efficient and reliable.

    All participants and organisations involved have been very satisfied with the achievements and both sides could gain good knowledge and experience during these trainings.

    Our gratitude goes to all parties involved, especially to the Traunstein Fire Brigades who invited us to these events.

    It will be our great pleasure to assist the Fire Brigades with any aerial vegetation firefighting or disaster response tasks in case of an emergency – we are ready!

    Aircraft mentioned in this article :
    Bell 412SP D-HAFW     ( Global Helicopter Service GmbH )

    This article is listed in :
    Bell 412 in Global Helicopter Service GmbH
    --Helicopters Firefighting



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