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Leonardo and Olmedo Partners for Future Ambulance

Leonardo’s experience in helicopter rescue and Olmedo’s experience in road vehicles joined in partnership to create a “Fly Division” to maximize efficiency and standardisation, virtual and physical, between an ambulance and a medical helicopter

Leonardo and Olmedo Partners for Future Ambulance
Leonardo, October 06, 2019 - Montichiari, Lombardy, Italy - Leonardo, one of the top ten companies in the world in Aerospace, Defense and Security and one of the leading players in the helicopter field, and Olmedo, a leading European company for the transformation and preparation of vehicles for healthcare use, have announced the signing of a collaboration agreement aimed at the development of technologies and equipment for rotary-wing and motor vehicles globally that conduct rescue missions.

The aim of the agreement is to improve the times and effectiveness of emergency medical interventions carried out in a joint mode through the use of helicopter and ambulances in a seamless environment.

The agreement between Leonardo and Olmedo sees a collaborative approach that will prioritise the creation of an R&D structure comprising of a joint research team. The research team will consider the development and prototyping of new components and universal solutions which will be designed for contemporary and specialist use on both helicopters and ambulances.

In addition to data sharing platforms which will enable the real-time interface of the patient's vital signs during the rescue mission: from the place of intervention to the hospital and during transfers.

The project will create important synergies - thanks to Leonardo's historical expertise in the field of air ambulance development (EMS - Emergency Medical Services) and in relation to helicopters for Search and Rescue (SAR) missions in the global and maritime environment, and thanks to the experience of the medical "Ambulance Division" of the Olmedo Group, leader in the sector since 1951 with its wide range and exclusive production.

The partnership’s foundations were built at the international REMOTE helicopter rescue meeting, held in December 2018 at Leonardo's Helicopter Division plant in Vergiate.

The evolution of the agreement will allow Olmedo to work on the creation, within its own group, of a new division: a "Fly Division", which will be completely dedicated to the design of increasingly efficient products and technologies for air ambulances - a segment of the sector in which Leonardo has a fleet of more than nearly 700 helicopters for operational rescue all over the world.

Olmedo's experience in the automotive field and Leonardo's helicopter experience come together to inaugurate a new era of EMS which will guarantee the constant enhancement of products and technologies for the community.

The agreement is also being presented at the Montichiari Emergency Show (4-5-6 October 2019) in Italy, including the unveiling of a special EMS-configured AW169 mockup in EMS configuration, a first example of an integrated helicopter/ambulance capability developed by the partners.

Leonardo is the market leader in the latest generation of helicopters for rescue applications. In recent years, the Company has embarked on a path to strengthen its role in the emergency sector also thanks to the signing of agreements with the Italian Mountain and Speleological Italian Rescue Corps and the Association of Critical Hospital Anaesthetists Resurrection Hospital Critical Area.

Leonardo has also recently signed an agreement with the scientific society SIAARTI (Italian Society for Anaesthesia Analgesia Resuscitation and Intensive Care) which aims to increase the mission capabilities of air ambulances and the effectiveness of medical services connected to their use through, for example, the study of new internal configurations of future helicopters, the definition of new guidelines and standards for doctors and their training, both in Italy and internationally.

Olmedo S.p.A. is the largest player in the market and one of the first in Europe for special transformations of the LCV (light commercial vehicles) range in healthcare, disabled transport and off-road sectors.

In its 70 years of history, the divisions were born and are evolving with the desire to realise adaptations and customisations in favour of emergency mission and roadside assistance. Since 1951, in fact, a constant evolution of technologies and innovative materials, have characterised the achievements of ambulances with the introduction of revolutionary concepts that have become mandatory requirements for the evolution of the entire sector.

The recent agreements with “FASE 1” builders and with Leonardo have defined new development platforms dedicated to the future in a "shared" perspective, with investments and projects aimed at creating "research teams" which are aimed at making emergency health a global concept.

Leonardo and Olmedo Partners for Future Ambulance

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