NEWS | H175 in UK CHC Scotia

CHC Scotia Leased Second H175 from LCI

CHC leased a second H175 from LCI to be operated in the UK

CHC Scotia Leased Second H175 from LCI
LCI, February 27, 2018 - Lease Corporation International (LCI), the aviation division of the Libra Group, has today announced that it is expanding its partnership with CHC through the placement of a second Airbus Helicopters H175 aircraft with the operator.

The helicopter is due to enter service in December 2018 and will be supporting CHC’s operations in the UK.

This will be LCI’s second aircraft placement with CHC in recent months, and follows the delivery of the lessor’s first H175 in December 2017, which was immediately placed in service with the operator.

Karl Fessenden, President and Chief Executive Officer of CHC, said, “LCI Helicopters is a valuable partner for us as we continue to introduce the H175 in the UK. We are happy to enter a second lease for this aircraft type with them.”

The Airbus Helicopters H175 is a new generation 7.8 tonne, 16 passenger aircraft, in the super- medium category, whose primary mission is to support off-shore oil and gas activities.

It is configured with the reliable and proven Pratt & Whitney PT-6 engines, a Helionix avionics suite with 4-axis autopilot, and fully certified to the latest FAR/JAR 29 certification standards.

LCI’s fleet, which comprises approximately US$750 million of assets in service and on order, is focused on the latest technology medium and super medium helicopters manufactured by the leading helicopter OEMs, including Leonardo, Airbus and Sikorsky.

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