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Airbus to Develop Defence Industry in Poland

If the H225M (EC725) Caracal contract is awarded, a full assembly line will be established through a joint venture with WZL1 in Lodz generating activities for at least the next 30 years.

If the H225M (EC725) Caracal contract is awarded, a full assembly line will be established through a joint venture with WZL1 in Lodz  generating activities for at least the next 30 years.

Airbus Helicopters, May 19, 2015 - Born from the vision of a stronger Europe and having become the leader in Aerospace and Defence industry, only Airbus Group can offer Poland a wide variety of cooperation programs involving the Polish companies.

Being a world leader, with 60,7 bn euro turnover in 2014, in commercial aviation, helicopters, missiles, fighter and transport aircraft and space technology, we offer Poland complex programs that will lead to the establishment in Poland of a fifth industrial base for the Group in Europe.

These programs are comprised of the direct investment in new production facilities, the development of the existing industrial base, the partnership with the Polish industry, the transfer of technology leading to full autonomy of the Polish state in MRO aspects, and the cooperation in R&D with the Polish institutions and universities

Airbus Group has been present in Poland since 2001 and currently employs over 900 Polish citizens in Warsaw, Mielec and Radom, in production, aviation services and aerospace design areas.

The facility of PZL Okecie, which is the oldest Polish aerospace company (est.1928) is our first industrial footprint and a success story of organic growth based on partnership. Over the last four years the turnover of PZL Okecie has tripled and the employment has grown by 60%.

The industrial cooperation in helicopters with Poland started several years ago, and was implemented through several projects with the Polish Technical Universities, thus creating the foundation for effective chain of value from initial conception through production, maintenance, support and services.

Building on the success of the high-speed and record breaking helicopter X3, designed in partnership with the Technical University of Lodz, Airbus Helicopters has decided to strengthen its cooperation with this University, while at the same time launching a new collaboration with the University of Radom. Given the outstanding scientific and technical results of this cooperation, Airbus Helicopters will kick off preparation activities for setting up the industrial-stage cooperation.

The Caracal programme for Poland will be a catalyst for the industrial implementation of several scientific and technical development activities, which will allow the Polish industry to acquire the capabilities to develop and produce several key components, equipment and systems for helicopters.

Within the coming years, Airbus Helicopters will create at least a total of 1250 new direct jobs and 2000 new indirect jobs, mostly in Lodz, Radom and Deblin. The 1250 direct jobs will be distributed across engineering, industrialization, assembly lines, support and services, with a prime focus on innovative activities in accordance with the Group's development strategy.

If Airbus Helicopters is awarded the contract, the Caracal Full Assembly Line (FAL) will be established through a joint venture with WZL1 in Lodz.

For the Maintenance, Repair and Overall, Airbus Helicopters will transfer technologies to WZL1 in order to provide Poland will full autonomy as well as the capacity to protect the essential security interests of the country and guarantee the security of its supplies. This will generate activities for WZL1 for at least the next 30 years.

Innovation and performance in the aeronautical industry relies on strong networks and partnerships :

-Radom will contribute through Kazimierz Pulawski University of Technology and Humanities in Radom : studies for the first equipment are entering in experimental validation phase at Radom University and the production will be located in Radom. An analysis carried out in partnership with the University of Radom concluded that the engineering, industrialization and production of helicopter components will create at least 250 direct jobs in Radom.

-Lodz has already been involved in several projects and is home to Airbus Helicopters Engineering office (Created in February 2015). The Technical University of Lodz will continue providing support on engineering and production activities.

Being selected as a partner for the Polish Defence industry also means that our worldwide partners will join Poland and further develop their activities. In Deblin, Turbomeca, a Safran company, will transfer to WZL1 the capacity and technology to set up Full Final Assembly lines and related maintenance center for the Makila 2A engine for Caracal.

Bringing the best of our technologies to Poland and creating a strong European aerospace network, this is Airbus Helicopters’s project in Poland.

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