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    NEWS | --Helicopters Outfit Gear

    Headset Controller Cradle for Robinsons

    Rotor Accessories presenting a Headset Controller Cradle for the Robinson R22/ R44/R66 helicopters. The new system keep it out of the way of the pilot while reducing stress on the intercom connection


    Headset Controller Cradle for Robinsons

    Rotor Accessories, January 22, 2020 - Los Angeles, California — Rotor Accessories, the makers of the innovative Blade Sock, have created another practical solution to a common helicopter pilot problem.

    With the creation of the Headset Controller Cradle, pilots can now neatly manage their headset controller by sliding it into the cradle and hanging the whole unit on the R22/R44/R66 headset hook.

    This takes the weight of the unit and anchors it to the hook on the helicopter, keeping it out of the way of the pilot while reducing stress on the intercom connection.

    “All of our products are inspired by needs we’ve either experienced personally or heard from other pilots, and the headset controller issue was a recurring problems that seemed to need a solution” said Chris Fetner Co-Founder of Rotor Accessories and rated commercial helicopter pilot.

    Pilots can still access all of the controls on the headset easily, but don’t need to worry about the clamps included in the headset coming loose or getting lost. It also leaves plenty of room to still allow the headsets themselves to be hung on the hook for stowage when not in flight.

    “All our products, no matter how big or small are all focused on making the flying experience more convenient and enjoyable for our customers. This cradle is just an extension of that effort, giving pilots a more comfortable way of managing the control unit of their headset” continued Chris Fetner.

    Starting today, the Headset Controller Cradle is available for sale at for the price of $25 USD per unit. The Headset Controller Cradle fits the headset hook on all Robinson helicopters and is available for the Bose A20 and Lightspeed Zulu 3 headsets.

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