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    NEWS | Aerometals State of California

    Engine Inlet Barrier Filter for the H225

    Aerometals from Sacramento, California in the development and certification of an engine inlet barrier filter (IBF) system for the H225/EC225LP helicopter. Testing with Airtelis later this year
      Heli-Expo 2019


    Engine Inlet Barrier Filter for the H225

    Aerometals, March 05, 2019 - Sacramento, California - Aftermarket aircraft parts manufacturer and engine inlet barrier filter (IBF) innovator, Aerometals has announced a developmental program to certify an engine inlet barrier filter system for the Airbus H225 transport category helicopter.

    Due to industry demand, Aerometals has entered a cooperative agreement with engine manufacturer Safran Helicopter Engines to develop the next generation engine inlet barrier filter (IBF).

    Using the most advanced computational flow modeling software, the company will optimize engine inlet flow efficiencies while providing maximum protection capabilities.

    Aerometals will enter flight testing in May 2019 with Airtelis, a H225 operator specializing in aerial powerline work in Western Europe. Final development, certification and production is expected prior to year-end 2019.

    Designed to protect engines from foreign object damage, compressor erosion, fouling and corrosive salt nuclei effects (coastal operations), the investment result will be a significant reduction in premature removal and potentially reduced overhaul costs.

    Aerometals will host a reception on 5 March during the HAI Heli-Expo in Atlanta, Georgia at 3:00 PM on exhibit C429.

    About Aerometals: Aerometals is a privately held aerospace company located in the northern California town of El Dorado Hills approximately 35 miles northeast of Sacramento, CA. Providing a wide range of aerospace parts and assemblies, Aerometals serves both the military and commercial aerospace markets. Aerometals offerings vary from simple replacement components all the way to flight critical systems such as turbine engine inlet barrier filters. With extensive engineering expertise, Aerometals continues to increase its offerings in support of an ever-growing customer base.

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