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Subaru/Bell 412EPX for Japan Coast Guard in 2025

Japan Coast Guard signed contract for Subaru Bell 412EPX, a civilian variant of the JPSDF UH-2. Helicopters will be delivered from 2025

The Japanese Coast Guard is a Bell 412 operator since 1993

Subaru/Bell 412EPX for Japan Coast Guard in 2025
Subaru, June 22, 2022 - Tokyo – Subaru Corporation is pleased to announce that we were awarded a contract of SUBARU BELL 412EPX, from Japan Coast Guard.

The helicopter is scheduled to be delivered to the customer in 2025. It is expected to be used for ensuring security at sea, search and rescue, responding maritime disasters, and transportation of many loads.

SUBARU BELL 412EPX has commonalities with BELL 412EP, which Japan Coast Guard currently possesses. Therefore, it enables smooth introduction and transition by utilizing the existing resources.

In addition to that, SUBARU BELL 412EPX provides better operational capability and efficiency with improved performance such as extended hover ceiling and increased useful load.

SUBARU is committed to supporting safe and reliable helicopters operation with not only continued helicopter production and sales activities, but also parts supply and maintenance.

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