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    NEWS | Johanniter Luftrettung Heli-Flight GmbH

    New Medical EC155 for Johanniter Luftrettung

    SPAES GmbH equipped with medical interior rack an EC155 helicopter for German ambulance operator Johanniter Luftrettung


    New Medical EC155 for Johanniter Luftrettung

    SPAES GmbH & Co. KG, November 25, 2019 - For a customer in air rescue SPAES GmbH & Co. KG carried out an STC for the integration of a medical equipment rack in the helicopter Airbus EC155.

    In cooperation with the customer’s medical department, the determination of the required properties for the rescue operations was carried out.

    Through several model demonstrations at the customer, the design was gradually optimized and adapted to the operational requirements.

    Thereafter, the production of the required parts was performed and the materials and components were procured.

    After manufacturing, the components were surface-treated for easier cleaning and installed in the customer’s own Part 145 maintenance organisation.

    “With the new medical rack, the medical devices in the helicopter can be optimally arranged to provide patients with the best possible service,” says Joachim Schanz, Managing Director of SPAES.

    The medical rack can be used in all positions in the passenger compartment, allowing a variable use in rescue operation.

    The approval of the medical rack was realized by an EASA STC in the Part 21J Design Organisation of SPAES.

    Since its use in the Airbus EC155 helicopter, the medical rack has proven itself in many rescue operations.

    About SPAES: SPAES GmbH & Co is a successful company in the field of aviation. As a specialist for technical solutions, SPAES offers products and services for aviation. This includes the design and certification of equipment, own products and systems as well as their integration and approval in aircrafts.

    The aviation products are designed, produced and certified according to European Technical Standard Order (ETSO).

    As an independent EASA Part 21J Design Organisation, SPAES offers the implementation by Supplement Type Certificate (STC), Minor Change and Minor Repair for avionics, cabin, structure, electrical systems and medical equipment. SPAES creates installation-Kit‘s for the designed Minor Change and STC in their own EASA Part 21G Production Organization, which can be installed in aircrafts by Part-145 Maintenance Organisations.

    As the requirements for design and compliance verification engineers are increasing steadily in aviation, SPAES offers special trainings in the field of small and large helicopters (CS29/27) and small airplanes (CS23).

    Joachim Schanz, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SPAES GmbH & Co. KG, founded the company in 2014 in Mannheim. Since 2019 the Headquarter of SPAES is situated at Karlsruhe. The location in Mannheim (the earlier headquarter) at the City Airport is now a branch.

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