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  • NEWS | Bell 412 in Kestrel Aviation

    Kestrel Ready for Australia’s Fire Season

    Kestrel Aviation medium helicopters Bell 212 and 412 prepared for new Australian firefighting season


    Kestrel Ready for Australia’s Fire Season

    Kestrel Aviation, October 29, 2020 - MANGALORE, VICTORIA - Kestrel Aviation’ extensive fleet of Bell ‘medium’ helicopters are once again ready to assist fire agencies this summer.

    After a busy maintenance period during the winter, Kestrel’s team of engineers took the opportunity to position some of the Bell 412, 212, 206L and Sikorsky S-76 fleet for a show of capability that will be strategically placed around Victoria this fire season.

    Having taken the opportunity with Douglas Aerospace at Wagga Wagga to repaint more of the fleet in the iconic red and white livery, communities will be able to clearly identify when a Kestrel helicopter is hard at work fighting fires. The impressive sight of aircraft out on the aprons at the bespoke facility at Mangalore was a first for Kestrel since the construction of two additional hangars in 2019.

    Based at Mangalore in central Victoria, Kestrel operates Australia’s largest fleet of Bell mediums (412 and 212)

    Fitted with the industry leading Conair 85-KE belly tank, these powerful aircraft are a proven and effective capability to front line firefighters. Capable of winch, rappel, long line and night firebombing operations, Kestrel has become a trusted partner of fire agencies around Australia.

    Managing director, Ray Cronin, commented, “Our engineering team have done an excellent job this year to ensure that the Kestrel fleet maintains its position as one of the most reliable operators on the fire ground. Having continued to operate safely and effectively through the coronavirus pandemic, we are well placed to assist the fire agencies with keeping local communities safe from the threat of fires. Whilst we anticipate a more normal start to the season than last year, due to a number of significant rain events, we remain at the peak state of readiness.”

    About Kestrel Aviation: Established 1985 Kestrel Aviation provides emergency response and firefighting support with its fleet of fixed and rotary wing aircraft, including the versatile heavy-lift Erickson Aircrane and Sikorsky S-70 Black Hawk helicopters. Based at Mangalore, Victoria

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