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    NEWS | Klimov VK-650V

    Prototype Engine for the Ka-226T

    Russian Klimov company unveiled demonstrator of the new VK-650V 650hp turboshaft engine developed to replace the Safran Arrius 2 in use by the Ka-226T helicopter. Certification scheduled for 2024 and expected to be used also by Ansat-U and VTR-500


    Prototype Engine for the Ka-226T

    Rostec, January 04, 2021 - A demonstrator of the new domestic VK-650V engine, which will replace imported power plants for Ka-226T helicopters, has been assembled and installed on a test bench at the UEC-Klimov United Engine Corporation.

    Its preparation for engineering tests is nearing completion.

    The VK-650V engine has a take-off power of 650 hp and is designed to operate as part of the Russian Ka-226T light class helicopters.

    It can also be installed on Ansat-U and VRT-500 helicopters and foreign helicopters of the same payload class. In 2023, the unit is planned to be certified, and by 2024 - to begin its serial production.

    The test bench includes a new power frame and a hydraulic brake, a fuel-oil system, specially designed for the size of the VK-650V engine, and a modern control room.

    “The test bench was created in a very short time, a large cooperation of the UEC and Rostec enterprises is involved in the project. The task is to make a simple and reliable unit in operation, having an optimal combination of power characteristics, weight and dimensions, fuel consumption and price. We plan to manufacture prototypes in 2021–2022, and in 2023 to receive a certificate for this engine, and then start mass production, ”said Yury Shmotin, Deputy General Director - General Designer of UEC.

    Based on the results of the upcoming tests, the engine design will be fine-tuned. The power plant in its characteristics will not be inferior to foreign counterparts, and in the future it will be adapted for use with drones and light aircraft.

    In cooperation on the project for the creation of VK-650V, the enterprises of the MMP them. V.V. Chernysheva, UEC-UMPO and the Salyut production complex, as well as KEMZ, part of the Rostec State Corporation. In particular, the specialists of the MMP named after V.V. Chernyshev provided UEC-Klimov with details of a centrifugal compressor, UEC-UMPO manufactured a free turbine rotor, a combustion chamber and a turbine support assembly, and PC Salyut supplied the first sample of a gearbox.

    The Ka-226T is currently powered by French Safran Arrius engines

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