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    NEWS | Lycoming LTS101

    Intermountain Turbine Services Acquires LTS101 Line

    Intermountain Turbine Services acquired both the turbo shaft LTS101 (helicopters) and turbo prop LTP101 (fixed wing) engine lines from Honeywell

    * LTS101 engine variants powers the MBB BK117, Airbus AS350, Bell 222 and Avicopter AC311 helicopters with about 700 engines currently in service worldwide


    Intermountain Turbine Services Acquires LTS101 Line

    Intermountain Turbine Services, February 15, 2023 - LINDON, UTAH - Intermountain Turbine Services, a Honeywell Authorized Service Center with focus on support of the LTS101 and LTP101 engines, has acquired the LT101 line from Honeywell Aerospace.

    “The LTS 101 has been our primary business for 30 years,” said Darryl Christensen, the company’s president and owner. “So, when this acquisition became available, it was the logical next move for us. Owning the type certificate will allow us to increase the support, with our goal to lower the cost of ownership.”

    He added that Intermountain Turbine was looking forward to “re-energizing” the LT101 line, while working with the existing LTS101 service network to improve the customer experience.

    “We hope to create a synergistic relationship with the existing vendors promptly,” said Christensen. “By working closely with our operators we will have a better understanding of the needs of the fleet moving forward.

    He said Intermountain Turbine is working on towards gaining its 14 CFR part 21 certification to allow it to manufacture parts.

    Christensen said the reaction from those in the industry that have heard about the acquisition has been very positive.

    “We’ve got a lot of customers who are excited to see it in our hands — to see it with somebody that really cares about the product and wants to see it succeed. I’ve said for years: ‘If you cut me, I bleed LTS101.’ ”

    Designed and originally produced by Lycoming Turbine Engine Division, the LTS101 powers variants of the MBB BK117, Airbus AS350, Bell 222, and the Avicopter AC311, while the LTP101 is used in the Piaggio P.166 and Riley Rocket 421. Today, there are about 700 101s in service.

    Intermountain Turbine offers a large pool of certified inventory, rental engines, and accessory repairs from its 30,000-square-foot facility. It has a staff of 25, but Christensen said the company is growing, and is actively recruiting.

    It has two test cells (the second went into operation last year), and provides a full range of repair and overhaul services for the LTS101.

    “We had a huge inventory of parts even before this transition,” said Christensen. “Plus, the inventory at Honeywell will be transitioning to us.”

    In addition to support of the LTS101, Intermountain Turbine is the only service center in the world for the HTS900 — Honeywell’s growth version of the LTS101, offering 1,000 shaft horsepower.

    “We’re seeing quite a bit of [HTS900] work in the facility,” said Christensen. “Our technicians are going out on site performing the borescope inspections and other service bulletins.”

    ITS and Honeywell have put together a transition team to ensure continued customer support throughout the handover and into the future, with a summer completion date targeted.

    About Intermountain Turbine : Since 1993, Intermountain Turbine Services has supported the global aerospace community while establishing a worldwide reputation of excellence. As a Honeywell Authorized Service Center, we specialize in LT101 engine repair.

    The resources of Intermountain Turbine make us the premier choice for your complete LT101 engine management. We offer a wide-range of certified inventory, rental engines, and accessory repairs. We maintain a thorough technical publications library and an extensive amount of tooling to ensure the repairs are done the right way the first time.

    Our team of employees come from a variety of aviation backgrounds, each one bringing a high level of expertise. Our company has grown as a leader in performance and value because of the quality service from our team of experts.

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