New MD500E to Hawaii Coun ty Fire Dept

MD Helicopters, July 28, 2010 - Mesa, Arizona - On June 29, MD Helicopters delivered a brand new MD 500E to the Hawaii County Fire Department.

The Department covers 4000 square miles and operates approximately 300 missions a year, with half fire and half rescue. The unit flies 1000 hours a year.

The new MD 500E will replace an MD 500D, purchased in 1982, which now has over 16,000 hours of flight time.

Department Chief Damon Olivier was on hand to accept the aircraft and said, “The Hawai’i Fire Department, and more importantly the people of our island community, have benefited greatly from the performance of our current MD 500 aircraft which is nearing 28 years of service. The mission of our helicopter has included search and rescue, wild land fire suppression, and disaster response. Many people are alive and well enjoying their families today because of our services and the role of our helicopter in carrying out many challenging missions. It will be very difficult for us to retire the current aircraft as it has been a proven component of our resource. However the time has come to make the transition to a new airframe and we are once again very proud to have acquired a new MD 500. It has been a proven platform for our operations and will continue to be an integral part of our mission.

“As a customer, I am truly amazed at the level of personal commitment, pride, and customer service and satisfaction that the family of MD has and displays. Having been fortunate to participate in the pre-delivery inspection of the aircraft, I was able to meet staff in every step of the assembly and finish production line as well as key sales, service, and support personnel. Each and every one of the people I met was extremely proud of his or her role in the project and went above and beyond to address my questions and requests. Everyone readily realized that their hard work and role in this project would potentially result making the difference for someone needing critical and more than likely lifesaving, and property saving measures and this new aircraft will help to do just that. The family at MD is helping us to make a difference in our community.”

About MD Helicopters, Inc: MD Helicopters, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of commercial and military helicopters. The MDHI family of rotorcraft is world renowned for its value, versatility and performance. The MD Helicopters family includes the twin-engine MD Explorer, and single engine versions of the MD 600N, MD 520N, MD 500E and MD 530F. The NOTAR system for anti-torque control is used exclusively by MD Helicopters. The Company is based in Mesa, Arizona.

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MD Helicopters MD500E N911HY     ( State of Hawaii )

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