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New MD500E To South Carolina SLED Unit

New Addition Increases Support Capabilities to Ground Units for Pursuit, Surveillance, and Search and Rescue Missions

New Addition Increases Support Capabilities to Ground Units for Pursuit, Surveillance, and Search and Rescue Missions

MD Helicopters, October 13, 2014 - Mesa, Ariz. – MD Helicopters, Inc. (MDHI) today announced a new contract to build and deliver a specially equipped MD 500E helicopter to the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) Aviation Unit.

The preferred helicopter for airborne law enforcement missions, the MD 500E delivers the highest speed, payload and productivity in its class.

“We look forward to welcoming another mission capable MD 500E to our aviation unit,” said Mark Keel, Chief of the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division. “This is an outstanding helicopter that our pilots love to fly. The speed, durability, maneuverability and overall performance of the MD 500E is unmatched in a police helicopter, and I am confident this addition to our fleet will improve our aerial support of pursuit, surveillance, and search and rescue missions.”

SLED’s MD 500E will be equipped with a 420-shp Rolls-Royce 250-C20B turbine engine, and a full complement of police tactical equipment including the fully automated Trakkabeam A800 searchlight and FLIR Star SAFIRE® 380-HDc high-performance HD imaging system to ensure optimal situational awareness in support of both nighttime and daytime operations.

The MD 500E cockpit configuration includes a full complement of modern avionics with NVG lighting, a Garmin G500H EFIS all-glass avionics flight display, a Churchill Navigation map system with a touch screen monitor, and a Vislink HDX-1100 for top quality air-to-ground communications with tactical ground teams. Utility features include an auxiliary fuel tank and an MD-designed multi-purpose side mount, allowing SLED’s MD 500E to hold more weight without compromising operational performance.

“We are committed to offering outstanding agility, low operating costs and unmatched versatility for safe and efficient execution of all law enforcement missions,” said Craig Kitchen, Chief Commercial Officer for MD Helicopters. “The 500E is the undisputed choice for meeting these objectives, and we are honored to support the expansion of SLED’s tactical aviation unit with this new MD 500E.”

MD Helicopters will deliver the new custom-configured MD 500E to the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division by the end of 2014.

About MD Helicopters, Inc.: MD Helicopters, Inc. (MDHI), a Lynn Tilton company, is a leading manufacturer of commercial, military, law enforcement and air-rescue helicopters. The MDHI family of rotorcraft is world renowned for its value, versatility and performance. The MD Helicopters family includes the twin-engine MD Explorer, and single engine versions of the MD 600N, MD 520N, MD 500E, MD 530F, MD 530G and MD 540A. The innovative NOTAR system for anti-torque control with no tail rotor is used exclusively by MD Helicopters to provide safer, quieter and confined-area access capability. For more information about MDHI, visit www.mdhelicopters.com.

About the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division: The primary mission of the South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division is to provide quality manpower and technical assistance to law enforcement agencies and to conduct investigations on behalf of the state as directed by the Governor and Attorney General.

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