NEWS | H135 / EC135T3 in NO Norsk Luftambulanse

H135 Simulator Ready in Norway

EASA Level D qualification for the Reiser Simulation and Training GmbH (RST) EC135T3H / H135 Full Flight Simulator at the Norwegian Competence Centre Helicopter AS (NCCH). Main customer will be Norwegian Air Ambulance (Norsk Luftambulanse, NLA)

H135 Simulator Ready in Norway
Reiser, October 13, 2020 - Berg, Germany / Stavanger, Norway - Last week the first-of-its-kind H135 T3 (EC135 T3H) full flight simulator was initially qualified as to the highest standard Level D by the responsible competent aviation authority CAA Norway.

Therefore the simulator is now available for training under European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) regulations.

This simulator is a perfect addition to the H145 D2 (BK117 D2) FFS D, which is already being operated since 2018. Actually both configurations can be installed within the same simulator only by exchanging some controls and instruments and selecting the respective software load. The process has been optimized and configurations can be exchanged within an hour, allowing efficient usage of the simulator for both helicopter types.

Dr. Roman Sperl, CEO of Reiser Simulation and Training commented the successful qualification: “I am very proud of the entire team who achieved qualification on first attempt. This simulator is proven to meet highest training standards and is even exceeding requirements given by EASA. It will be a perfect training tool for any kind of H135 crew training.”

The simulator includes step 2 and 3 of Helionix® in both configurations as well as a full replica of the aft cabin for interactive 3rd crew member training. Same as in the H145 configuration the 3rd crew member of an H135 can be trained on any crew coordination tasks while offering him/her a perfect out-of-the-window view using VR technology.

Dr. Michael Mayrhofer, CEO of NCCH said: “With this initial qualification of the H135 T3 another important milestone of NCCH has been achieved. The major success contributor was the outstanding performance of Reiser Simulation and Training and the good relationship within the whole team. NCCH is now happy to offer the increased simulator portfolio to our main customer NLA (Norwegian Air Ambulance), but also to customers from around the world for both, dry or wet training.”

About Norwegian Competence Centre Helicopter AS; Norwegian Competence Centre Helicopter (NCCH) operates the most modern full flight simulators to enable top-of-the-edge helicopter pilot and crew member training for various mission profiles ranging from HEMS, law enforcement, VIP services to offshore applications. In collaboration with the ATO RotorSky, NCCH also offers any kind of wet training. NCCH is located at Stavanger Airport, Norway.

H135 Simulator Ready in Norway
The main customer for the Full Flight Simulator at Utsola, Stavanger will be the Norwegian Air Ambulance for its new fleet of Airbus helicopters

Location : NO Stavanger - Sola Airport

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H135 / EC135T3 in NO Norsk Luftambulanse
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