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NCCH H145 Simulator Re-Qualified by EASA

The Reiser H145 full flight simulator operated by NCCH at Stavanger, Norway which was first certified in 2018 has successfully achieved EASA Level D re-qualification

NCCH H145 Simulator Re-Qualified by EASA
NCCH, August 06, 2020 - Stavanger, Norway – Norwegian Competence Centre Helicopter AS (NCCH) is operating a H145 Level D Full Flight Simulator (FFS) – manufactured by Reiser Simulation and Training GmbH, Berg, Germany – at their Stavanger premises since 2018.

This FFS is used for all kinds of helicopter pilot and crew training. It features latest technologies and exceeds current standards in pilot training. In addition it comprises of a full NVIS compatible replicated H145 helicopter cockpit and simulated Helionix® avionics suite, switchable between Step 2 and 3 during operation.

Also included is Reiser’s unique mixed-reality 3rd Crew Member Station for Medical Crew Member training of SAR and MCC missions as well as assisting take-off and landing maneuvers in confined areas.

The FFS has been qualified by Luftfartstilsynet (Civil Aviation Authority of Norway) on 5th August in accordance with the CS-FSTD(H) EASA FFS
Level D.

Dr. Michael Mayrhofer, NCCH CEO commented the successful qualification: “Our H145 FFS D achieved re-qualification without any findings. I am proud of my team for their outstanding operation and achieving this milestone. NCCH is fully committed to provide cutting-edge helicopter pilot and crew training to the Norwegian Air Ambulance as well as to operators from all over the world.”

About Reiser Simulation and Training: Reiser Simulation and Training GmbH is a family-owned company founded in 1988. It has a proven track record in sophisticated full-flight simulators, flight training devices and comprehensive training services for pilots and technicians supporting several civil and military fixed and rotary wing aircrafts. The company relies on its professional expertise of deriving flight models from flight testing and building fully replicated cockpit hardware. RST has built a solid reputation through its understanding of its clients‟ needs, and applying extraordinary quality standards and manufacturing to the most reliable products of its class, thus reducing the operational cost for its customers.

About Norwegian Competence Centre Helicopter: Norwegian Competence Centre Helicopter (NCCH) provides simulator training to pilots and crew members for various mission profiles ranging from HEMS, law enforcement, VIP services to offshore applications. NCCH is situated in Utsola, Stavanger, Norway.

NCCH H145 Simulator Re-Qualified by EASA

Location : NO Stavanger - Sola Airport

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