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    NEWS | AgustaWestland AW139 in Omni Taxi Aereo

    Omni Táxi Aéreo’ AW139 Passed 100,000 Flight Hours

    Brazilian offshore operator Omni Táxi Aéreo (OTA) reached 100,000 flight hours with the AW139 helicopter. Started flying this model in 2009, they have 14 now in the fleet


    Omni Táxi Aéreo’ AW139 Passed 100,000 Flight Hours

    OMNI, August 06, 2019 - Omni Táxi Aéreo has exceeded 100,000 hours flown in its fleet of Leonardo AW139 aircraft, a milestone in the company’s history.

    This helicopter model represents the ultimate in the offshore market, featuring low vibration and noise levels, integrated instruments that enable highly safe flights and the ability to comfortably carry 12 passengers with excellent safety standards.

    Omni entered the first AW139 into its fleet in July 2009 and reached 14 aircraft by the end of 2018 with the incorporation of the first AW139 with a seven-tonne maximum takeoff weight (MTOW), which allows the transport of a greater number of passengers serving offshore platforms operating long distances, like the ones in the Brazilian Pre-Salt area.

    The AW139 is part of the company’s history, present in operations for 10 years, and demonstrates all the safety, comfort and care that Omni and its team can offer to its contractors and passengers.

    - Nº of passengers: up to 12/15
    - Cruising speed: 140 kts - 260 km/h
    - Flying range (without reserve fuel): 573 nm - 1.060 km
    - Endurance: 4 hs 13 min
    - Configurations: IFR/Offshore

    The AW139 is one of the most modern helicopters in the world. It was projected to provide operations with multifunctional capacity and to meet all of the strict performance and safety requirements of its category. The aircraft can transport up to 15 passengers aboard one of the largest and most comfortable cabins available on the market.

    With a reserve fuel tank installed, it can fly to the most distant pre-salt level platforms without occupying any of the space in the passenger cabin. The AW139 is approved for the transport of 6.8 tons and has the largest reserve engine power of any medium-sized helicopter.

    About Omni Táxi Aéro (OTA): OMNI Táxi Aéreo S.A. was founded in September 2001 on the pillars of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment. OTA provides services to the largest companies in the oil and gas sector offering offshore and onshore air transport solutions all over Brazil, including air medical services and seismic support services. During the last two years, OTA’s managed fleet and net revenues have grown at CAGRs of 20% and 31%, respectively.

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    AgustaWestland AW139 in Omni Taxi Aereo




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