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    NEWS | 7th SOS 7th Special Operations Squadron US Air Force

    USAF Osprey Deployed to Romania

    US Air Force’ 7th Special Operation Squadron (7th SOS) based at RAF Mildenhall, UK deployed its CV-22B Ospreys to Bacau, Romania for training with the Romanian Special Operation Forces


    USAF Osprey Deployed to Romania

    US Air Force, April 08, 2019 - BACAU, Romania By Staff Sgt. Elizabeth Pena - U.S. Air Force's 7th Special Operation Squadron, assigned to 352nd Special Operation Wing, based out of RAF Mildenhall, U.K., deployed to Bacau, March 10-15, conduct mission essential tasks and simultaneously familiarize Romanian Special Operation Forces, or ROU SOF, with the CV-22 Osprey.

    “The importance is not only for the commonality of our tactics, techniques, and procedures between U.S. forces and partner forces but combining that within the NATO spectrum to make sure we are all operating in the same format,” said a U.S. Air Force Special Operations mission commander for the training event and flight lead pilot captain. “Being able to get these staged drills out of the way now in a safe and effective training environment, allows us to be able to have the confidence to forward deploy in any contingency operation.”

    The 7th SOS operates the CV-22 throughout the entire range of military operations in support of conventional and special operations. The 7th SOS executes this mission at night, in adverse weather, performing long-range insertion, extraction and resupply missions in hostile, denied and politically sensitive territories.

    U.S. and ROU SOF conducted day and night fast rope infiltration and exfiltration operations, or FRIES, and low-level flying. These capabilities are something ROU SOF are trained and skilled in; however, this was their first time conducting FRIES out of the CV-22.

    “Everyone here had used fast rope before, on different platforms, so they understood their techniques,” said a 7th SOS special mission aviator staff sergeant. “One of the main differentiators from our side was just reminding them that the CV-22 creates a lot more downwash and it’s a much different experience when it comes to deploying out of our aircraft, compared to a conventional rotary wing aircraft.”

    Through these pieces of training, SOF members demonstrate and strengthen partner nation relationships and air operations in the European Theatre.

    “The ROU SOF was able to extend the CV-22 familiarization training invitation to other units that are not co-located here at Bacau,” the mission commander said. “So they were able to cycle through as many of their special operation ground forces as they could, during this timeframe.”

    Along with developing combined leaders, this deployment gave the U.S. SOF members the opportunity to establish professional development at the tactical level.

    “I’ve been flying for the Air Force for 15 years, and all my training has been stateside, so even for me in the short time I’ve moved to RAF Mildenhall,” said a U.S. Air Force 7th SOS instructor pilot captain. “I’ve learned a lot working with allied partners, whether it’s working through language barriers or just the different techniques. It’s eye-opening.”

    The 7th SOS mission commander was very thankful for the ability to utilize the diverse NATO terrain and base resources to accomplish their objectives.

    “The Romanian Government and air force base here in Bacau have been extremely supportive with their ability to reach out to us and help,” the mission commander said. “They’ve been able to work on request, with short notice, to include base access, providing us workspace and just being very accommodating when it comes to airspace and tower-controlled patterns that they run here on the airfield.”

    This collaborative training event allows each force to improve its individual and collective capabilities, and the 352nd SOW and ROU SOF will continue to train shoulder-to-shoulder in similar exercises.

    “The biggest takeaway for me is the Romanian partners are more than willing to host us, but they are thirsty to work with us as far as continued training,” the mission commander said. “Looking forward to coming back, not just in Bacau but into Romania in general, so that we can work in the dynamic air space that they have, and their terrain, but also working with the ROU SOF members who seem to be very much interested in working with specialized air power like the tilt-rotor Osprey.”

    Aircraft mentioned in this article :
    Bell CV-22B Osprey 12-0065     ( US Air Force )

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    7th SOS 7th Special Operations Squadron US Air Force
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