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Three Bell 407GXi for Polish Police

Polish National Police, Polska policja, received three new Bell 407GXi helicopters from Bell Europe equipped by Trakka Systems with searchlight, downlink, camera, and operator console

First announced in 2018 the Bell 407 GXi variant incorporates the new Garmin G1000H NXi Integrated Flight Deck and upgraded Rolls-Royce M250-C47E/4 dual channel FADEC turbine engine

Three Bell 407GXi for Polish Police
Bell, October 24, 2020 - Fort Worth, TX - Bell Textron Inc., a Textron Inc company, announced a delivery of three Bell 407 GXis to the Polish National Police (PNP).

The PNP has been a long-standing Bell customer for about 20 years. The addition of these aircraft will help them serve and protect people, to maintain public order, and security in Poland.

“The Bell 407 GXi delivers a robust customer experience while providing best-in-class speed, performance, and reliability,” said Duncan Van De Velde, Managing Director of Europe & Russia. “We are glad to have such a strong presence in Poland and appreciate the Polish National Police for its support.”

The aircraft are equipped with mission equipment provided by Trakka Systems (searchlight, downlink, camera, and operator console) and will allow parapublic passengers and pilots to maintain situational awareness and readiness. This milestone marks the fifth aircraft delivered to Poland this year and the first parapublic Bell 407 GXi to be received by the country.

“We are excited to take the delivery of three Bell 407 GXis to add to the rest of our Bell fleet,” said insp. Mariusz Ciarka, Press Spokesman, Polish National Police. “Our organization believes the aircraft will enable us to serve Polish citizens by providing them a safe and protected community.”

Customers in Europe continue to seek out the Bell 407 GXi for corporate transport, public safety and a variety of missions. Currently, 97 Bell 407s operate in Europe and Russia, including 12 aircraft registered in Poland.

With a global fleet of 1,500 aircraft, the Bell 407 has logged almost 470,000 flight hours. Regarded for its speed, performance, reliability, and maneuverability, the Bell 407 delivers exceptional experiences as well as a spacious cabin that boasts of club-style seating for premium comfort.

Three Bell 407GXi for Polish Police

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